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China Antiques Blog - Database of Porcelain Queries


unmarked very large bowl Identification  
need help from someone to id this large bowl unmarked

Can anyone id this small bowl appreciate any knowledge, thanks

Can someone id this large plate I think is japanese not sure

Can you give me your opinion of this porcelain vase? 
Hi there! I purchased this from an estate auction in California a while ago and was wondering what your thoughts on it are. I probably overpaid ($800) …

Help Identifying Garniture Set 
Any help with the age and origin of this set would be appreciated. The pieces are very large....20" or higher. No mark on the base...just siny white …

Chinese porcelain Hu form vase 
Hi Peter, I just purchased this vase online from ebay, I was told that it is a Qianlong vase with a mark and of the period, I never thought that is was …

Chinese porcelain Plate 
Please give your feedback/comments. Thanks.

Chinese (?) Porcelain Dish 
Here's a beautiful porcelain dish that I am curios to know whether it's Chinese?..for it is has a peculiar 'cross' mark that makes me wonder whether it's …

Chinese porcelain tea pot 
Please comment/give your feedback as to what period this Chinese porcelain tea pot might be. Thanks.

Chinese pillow 
Hi Peter, here are more photos, thanks

Chinese or Japanese 
Hi Peter, I have very large of Oriental vase. Please help me to identify this vase. Thanks, Ping

Peter, Could you please identify this bow? The seller told me it is people's ware. Thank you! Shelley PS I went to see 2 different experts on Chinese …

Old Chinese vase - at a total loss to identify 
I would like help in identifying this old Chinese vase that was once a lamp, if you please. Two friends who collect old Chinese vases do not recognise …

Soup Tureen 
Is this soup tureen Chinese export porcelain? I was told it was old. It doesn't have any identification marks except for a little circle.

Inherited Chinese Export Porcelain 
Is there someone in Austin, Texas, who does appraisals of Chinese export pieces? I have inherited some porcelain from my mother, who was a collector. Here …

Variations in marks  
Would anyone know if the Yongzheng zhuanshu mark pictured was really created in this period? It differs a little from others of this period and I don't …

Famille Rose Plate 
Hi Peter, I posted this item for your examination not too long ago. I was able to pick it up today so I now have some more images with closer shots …

Chinese Bird Vase 
Hello Peter, Could you give me some information about this 9 1/2 " vase, and explain what the marks on the bottom mean. There is also something stamped …

Qian Long Bowl 
Hi, I have this set of bowl with Qian Long Marking. Please also help to advise if this is genuine. Thanks. Melvyn Teo

Zheng De Marking Porcelain 
Hi, Can you help to see if the porcelain in the attachment pictures is a genuine piece? Thanks. Melvyn Teo

Is this also fake tea pot  
I have a feeling fake as well peter

Is this fake. Or real. Chinese pot 
I have a feel this is fake. Whats your opinion

Chinese Ceramic  
Hi Peter, Please help me identify this chinese ceramic. How old is it ? On what dinasty this ceramic was made ? Is it a geunine or a fake one …

Chinese Plate 
Hi Peter, I thought I had uploaded the other picture, but evidently it didn't work. May I try again? This morning I purchased this dish/plate from …

Chinese Plate 
Hi Peter, This morning I purchased this dish/plate from a local online auction. I am new to Chinese pottery/ceramics and I was unable to find anything …

rose medallion authenticity 
Hi, I received the attached Rose Medallion bowl as a wedding present some 10 years ago and I thought of trying to research some more information about …

Chinese jar 
Does any one know the time period of this Chinese Jar, any help greatly appreciated. Thank you, Donna Panetta

Possible Qianlong Jade Seal 
Peter i have a Red (Brown) Jade Seal with qianlong inscription. I would like to know how to authenticate Jade Seals. Ps. It is Jade i have that tested. …

can you kindly look at ceramic dish 
dear peter hello these pho for ceramic dish with hall mark and engraved mark thank you mohammed

pair of jars with lids 
Peter, They look like export porcelain but not sure if it is really Kangxi period. Please advise. Thank you. Shelley

Song Olive colour bowl 
Peter, I bought this from the sellar who sold me the Ming eight- immortal bowl. Please advise on authenticity. Than you! Shelley

Song / Five Dynasty bowl 
Peter, This is the third bowl hat I bought from the same sellar. Please give your opinion. Thank You Shelley

Song Jian bowl 
Peter, This is another bowl that I bought in Hong Kong. Please advise on authenticity. Thank you Shelley

Song clear blue celadon bowl 
Peter, I bought this in Cat Street, Hong Kong this summer and the seller looked sincere and honest. But still I would like your opinion on this piece. …

Hi, I am trying to ascertain what the "mark" on the bottom of the subject bowl relates to. The bowl is an underglaze cobalt blue porcelain with four blue …

celadon plates 
hi peter Do you think this is yuan dynasty ?? real or fake?? thanks

Kangxi Plate/ Dish or later? 
Hi once again Peter, I would love to get your thoughts on a great plate ( yet another) that i found whilst Car Booting. I bought it about 5 weeks ago …

discussion of Chinese painting with western influence 
Peter, Thank you for enlightening me on this topic. I visited the palace museum in Taipei this summer and in a catalogue, I found a photo of a Qianlong …

Yongzheng vase? 
Peter, Please give your opinion as to the authenticity of this vase which I bought in an antique shop in Paris. Thank you! Shelley

Kangxi mark and period? 
Peter, Please advise on this item. Thank you Shelley

Peter, I bought this vase because it was pretty and have very little hope that this is a Quangxu period vase, seeing the way "made" is written. Also, …

Peter, Again, I don't think this a Qianlong period vase, but would like to know its real period.It masures 35cm. Thank you, Shelley

Ming bowl again 
Peter, I hope they are better images. If not, I'll learn to use photobucket. Than you for your precious time. Shelley

Celadon bowl from old chinese trading port. Real or Fake? 
Hi, I'm hoping you can help. I purchased this plate (impulse buy!) from a friend in a remote part of indonesia. The islands are steeped in history and …

chinese crackle vase? 
Hello, Few years ago I bought this vase,it is very nice painted, but I am not sure if it is chinese, I have seen in my books only some Thailand pieces …

Three old man 
Hello, Peter. Please tell me that you can say about the years of manufacture these elders. Maybe you know who they are? Thank you.

Peter, Here is another bowl, also supposed to be from the Sung dynasty. Please advise. Thank you. Shelley

Peter, This bowl is supposed to be from the Sung dynasty. Your view point will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Shelley

incense burner 
Peter, I don't expect this piece to be from the Qianlong period, but I hope it was at least vintage. Thank you. Shelley

Tall blue and white. Porcelain piece 
Hi peter this is an original blue and white piece from local estate. In 1920s Someone turned into lamp Would you know what this would have been …

Ming bowl? 
Peter, Your expert opinion of this bowl will be appreciated. Thank you. Shelley

chinese red mark 
Hello, could anyone help me to identify this mark, please? I am going to buy this rose family vase, the vendor allowed me to take only this photo and …

Asian vase 
Does any one know how old this vase, any information is greatly appricated. Thank you, Donna Panetta

"Celadon Green" BIG PLATE 
Hi peter do you think this celadon real or fake?? i think this one from song dynasty, what do you think Regards Fazli

Oriental of my Teko ceramic 
Hi Peter, I want to ask something about IT Dynasties? It value of antiques? Best Regard

Help to Identify Age of this Chinese Vase 
Hello. I would appreciate any help you can offer with respect to the age of this vase. I purchased this from an auction. DESCRIPTION: Large antique …

Help to identify Chinese Vase please 
Hello. I purchased this vase online and the description was "antique Chinese vase". It is very large and weighs approx. 20 lbs. It is unmarked. I was …

Need Advice - Qianjiang Porcelain 
Hi There, I am new to porcelain collection. For some reasons, I am very attracted to Qianjiang porcelain. I know that Qianjiang ceramics painting …

Chinese Plate? with unknown markings 
I have a plate that I think is Chinese. It is 25cm wide and 3.5cm high. It is green with a "gold" boarder and covered with small birds, butterflies and …

Hi peter any idea about this piece. What the mark says ------------------------------------ Several of these have already been answered. You should …

Hi peter any idea about this piece. What the mark says Thanks

Hi peter any idea about this piece. Thanks

Hi peter any idea about this piece. Thanks

Hi peter any idea about this piece. What the mark says Thanks

Pair of vases 
Hi, Love this site, check it often. I'm having trouble identifying the period of these vases based on the characters. I keep going back and forth. Thoughts? …

Hi Peter, IT DYNASTIES ? IT COST ? IT VALUE OF ANTIQUES ? BEST REGARD ! --------------------------- We do not talk about values here. admin

Ming small bowl and unusual mark 
Hi peter any idea about this piece. What the mark says Thanks

"Gold Glaze" Large Dish 
I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW APPROXIMATE AGE (origin) OF this "Gold Glaze" Large Dish NB: very important question: is it fake or replica! Thanks

Large bowl " Gold Glaze" 
I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW APPROXIMATE AGE (origin) OF this Large bowl " Gold Glaze". Thanks


Brown Glaze Jar With Four Lugs 
Hi PETER I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW APPROXIMATE AGE (origin) OF this Brown Glaze Jar With Four Lugs. IS THIS FAKE OR REAL NB: There is a small hole on …


Decorative Bowl from Estate Auction,need help to identify. 
We purchased this bowl along with other antique Asian items at an Estate Auction. Need help to identify the Marks and the History.


Chinese Plate or Blue Imari? 
Dear Peter, I sent you more detail pictures from the Chinese plate. I hope you can identified the plate I sent before. Kenny.

Hi Peter Could you give me any info on this item please, age origin etc. Thank you

Blue and white items 
Hi Peter Could you give me any info on this item please, age origin etc. High:9,5 cm Top Diamater:51 cm Button Diameter :29 cm Thank you

Would you give me any info on this item please, age origin etc. High:12,5 cm Top Diamater:56 cm Button Diameter :26 cm Thank you

Could you give me any info on this item please, age origin etc. Thank you

Hi Peter Could you give me any info on this item please, age origin etc. Thank you

Hi Peter Could you give me any info on this item please, age origin etc. Thank you

Hi Peter Could you give me any info on this item please, age origin etc. Thank you







"Zong Kui" Porcelain Statue 
Hello Peter, I have this "Zong Kui" Porcelain Statue with very mint condition. I need some of your explanation about how old? and who is the artist …

kindly tell me about the painter of this ceramic 
Dear Hello these pho. for massive fish bowl or gardner do you the painter thank you mohammed

Vase with samurai 18 inches tall 
Hello, Peter. Please tell me that you can say about the country of origin and years of manufacture vase with the samurai. Height 18 inches. Thank you.

Large Chinese charger 
Hi Peter, here is the other set of phonos.

What is written here? 
Hi, could someone read it? Thank you

Large Vase Real? 
I have one more I wanted to run by you. This one looks to have genuine age but some areas look suspicious. Let me know what you think. Thanks for all your …

Ming Plate 
I found this plate Nd wasn't sure if it was Ming or not. Also, it has a mark on the front that I thought was weird. I was going to buy it but don't know …

What is written here? 
Hi Peter, could you read it? Thank you. No pictures attached. admin

Antique Chinese Hatstand 
I became interested in Chinese antique porcelain recently. After some reading and research, I bought this Chinese hatstand online. Is this a Qing antique …

Any ideas about this vase?? 
This is my grandmas she's asked me to have a look into it but I've no idea where to start! It would be great if someone could tell me anything about it! …

Porcelain Censer - gilded, rusty red, green, blue painting 
Hello Peter, I am curious about what I guess is a censer (found in the attic of my historic home). Could you tell me about its history? Also, where …

Chinese bottle, unknown age. 
Hello, I am a complete novice with regard to Chinese ceramics and it seems to be a bit of a minefield out there! I would be very grateful for an opinion …

chinese vase 
Hello, I purchased this vase at a high end resale shop. Can you tell me if its real and if so a little bit about it? Thank you so much

old bowl with single symbol mark, help identify 
I got this at an estate auction with alot of other items and I know it is old but I need help with identifying the mark and age of the bowl.

This blue and white signed piece.  
Iw as wondering what this says and age of this piece Thanks again peter

Blue and white. Like to know what marking says and year  
Hi peter would you know what this says and the year of plate. Is it 17th century ? Thanks again

celadon bowl 
can you tell me the age of this bowl, and is this the mark of Tongzhi? Thank you, John

chinese plate 
can you tell me if this plate is Chinese or Japanese, and the age of the plate.(17th century or later) Thank you , John

Unusually decorated hatstand 
I have numerous Chinese vases, mostly hatstands. These are largely of the more common types of patterns, but one is decorated very differently. A pattern …

what this mark mean?  
Hello sir, i have about 3 plates with this same mark , can you tell me what it means? how much in your opinion it worth? Thanks so much!

qianlong help 
Does anyone know anything about this vase? It's Has a qianlong stamp but also a number 10 which is confusing. Is it a fake? Any help would be very appreciated. …

Chinese or Japanese 
Hi Peter, I have brush pot/vase with exotic birds pattern. Is it Chinese or Japanese? Thanks, Ping

Ching or Imari or fake? 
Peter, his is a new plate, Which I'm confuse to identified it, I hope you can help me. Kenny K.

18th century or not. 
Hai Peter, What do you think of this plate, is it 18th century or 20. 30cm diameter. Rgds Anton.

Serving Dish 
Hi Peter Could you give me any info on this item please, age origin etc. Thank you

Please Help Identify mark, Is this old? 
Chinese Bamboo Brush Pot. Please help with any info. age? marking? etc.. thanks

Please Help Identify mark, Is this old? 
Chinese Stoneware Brush Pot. any info on this piece would be great. age? Marking? etc... thanks

Please Help Identify, Is this old? 
Chinese Longquan 8" Plate. any info on this piece would be helpful. age? etc.. thanks

Please Help Identify mark, Is this old? 
Chinese Teadust Vase 9 3/4" With Incised Mark. Any info on this piece would be helpful. age? Marking? etc... thanks

Please Help Identify mark, Is this old? 
Chinese Yixing Teapot. Would like any possible info. age? Marking? etc.. thanks

Please Help Identify mark, Is this old? 
Blanc De Chine 17" Statue. Would like any information on this piece. age? Marking? Thanks so much.

2 vases 
Can you give me any information on the two vases here please, age and origin?

Please could someone help identify. 
My husbands granny gave him this a long while ago in South Africa and we know nothing about it. Its a pretty plate with lovely colours, we'd just like …

The Yellow Bowl 
Hi, Peter! Is there any age in this yellow glaze bowl? Thank you.

2 Tea sets 
Good day. I have 2 tea sets and would like to know if the are worth anything. - first one is a white Queen Anne teaset with 6 cups with golden inlay …

chinese plate 8 men 
Hello Peter, I have a chinese plate,whit a scene of 8 men. The man on the right has a sword in his hand, put of the sword are flames comming and a little …

Hello, I found this small vase (9cm) in a vintage market in France for 3 euros. It looks very old, it is enameled with flowers and birds and it has …

Franklin Van Valkenburg Vase 
Franklin Van Valkenburg was the Captain of the Arizona. Sometime in the 1930 he was in Japan and brought this vase to Hawaii. My Grandfather Cyril Van …

Crackle Vase 
Could you give me any information about this vase ? 11 inches tall, crackle and a red leaf mark on the bottom. Thank you. …

Huge red and blue dragon bowl marked, decorative or not? 
This bowl is 10" tall x 19" wide. I would like an opinion/ impressions of the piece; decoration or masterpiece? Any information would be greatly appreciated. …

set of 4 chinese blue and white porcelain plaques. 
pic dimension 9 x 29 inches frame 15 x 36 inches. calligraphy not the present mandarin type How do you rate these set of 4 ?

Blue glass with gold decor vase 
Anyone any idea what this is please?

Miniature Chinese Vase? 
Hello again Peter Can you give me any information you can on this vase please? age etc? Thanks

anonymous comments 
This is to remind visitors that "anonymous" posts are not allowed. This rule is valid for both, new submissions and comments to existing submissions. …

small 2" tall 4" wide chinese teapot - would like to know age and use 
Small 2" tall 4" wide chinese teapot - would like to know age and the history of what it was used for. Was it a child's teapot? is it meant for real …

Beaultiful 10 1/2" plate, Possibly Tongzhi, would like to know if real please 
Beaultiful 10 1/2" plate, Possibly Tongzhi, would like to know if real please I would love to know how old it it, is it Tongzhi (that was the closet …

Sanci glazed ewer 
HI Peter, I did not mention that the color on the bottom is a brown paint it is not dirt. last set of photos

large Ming bowl 
HI Peter, here is a Ming bowl that I have just acquired, It looks and fells like the real thing to me, I hope it is not a fake, it seems to have all the …

Tea cup id 
My daughter-in-law brought me a tea cup which is part of a whole service that has been in her family for a long time (50-60 years) and she has had no luck …

late 19th century vase 
Hi Peter, just recently I was following a vase that I was bidding on and it went out of sight at least for me, I know you do not discuss value here, but …

Is That Vase Modern? 
Looks very recently made to me but want to double check. thanks

Ceramic Plate Qi Peicai 
I am looking for some information about a Ceramic piece which was given to my mother as a 50th birthday present. The piece is Ceramic plate which is …

Tobacco leaf bowl Japanesse? Chinesse? Europe? 
Hello! I bought this bowl today? But what have I bought? A bowl from Japan? China? our Europe and how old can it be? Regards Anders

Hand Painted Enamel Birds Plate Marked 
Modern, made in Japan with spurious mark? thanks

Turtle/Dragon Shaped Blue & White Pot 
Saw this at upcoming auction at my area. Not sure what it is. Only the head lid opens. Any idea of the age what it is it called? thanks

Blue White Flask Vase 
To me it looks like recent and printware but want to hear other opinions. thanks

Oriental blue and white 
I would like to purchase blue and white bowl. I think it is print and has stamped on the bottom. Please help me to identify the age of this. Just …

marks on willow pots 
hello these belong to my mum and was wondering what the marks are and an approx valuation please.... any info would be appreciated large one is approx …

Chinese Oriental "lamp" lady Figure 
hello, I found the lamp in my storage i was just wondering about how old it could be! 10" high without the shade no marks on it

Chinese God figure 
Hi Peter Could you give me any info on this figure please? And does it have any age to it? Thanks Vince

Assistance with identifying a Vase 
Recently purchased this vase and am unable to find any information on it... Can anyone assist with identifying this? Thank you Harry

Pair of Bowls 
Hello Peter, Could you provide some information about the pair of bowls in these pictures? Thank You, Kurt Karlsson …

Celadon Vast 
Here is the picture... it would not load the other day.

Faces on porcelain 
Hi Peter, I don't know if you can help me or not but these pieces look like game pieces, what I would like to know is a time frame and what they were …

Help needed to ID figure 
hi can anybody advise me on the origin and date of this figure it stands 5 inches high

Qing or not? 
Hi This appears to have a 'Qing' mark but was recently dismissed as 'modern'! is it Qing or a fake? Would appreciate your opinion.

Budai monk 
I have a Budai Monk statue almost identical to the one you have pictured - the only difference is that it is the mirror image of the one you have shown …

Porcelain Bowl Oval Mark 
Hi, I am guessing the oval mark is indicator for the bowl being not older than early 1900's but just to double check. thanks

Possible Qing Dynasty Plate and Questionable Rose Medallion Plate 
Hey Peter I picked up these two pieces today for 10 bucks at a flea market downtown and would love your input on them. The butterfly motif plate I …

The item that I am posting here I picked up at a thrift store. I am 99.99 percent sure that is not an antique but perhaps from the mid 20th century. …

Chinese Ginger Jar 
Hi Peter Could you tell me anything about these 2 jars please?

Old Asian tea cups 
Found these cups at a thrift store but no absolutely nothing about Chinese ceramics. Could someone give me an idea of when they were made and their origin? …

Tiny old plate 
I have this plate that has been in my family for years. If anyone could give me any information that would be great. Thank you.


Small bowl with lid 
Hey Peter Found this small lidded bowl and was curious of the age. I appreciate the help. Garrett

A Chinese Bowl 
I purchased this a few years ago and am interested in a translation of the repeating text and any information about the bottom mark. The simple shape of …

Japanese Pot? 
Hello Peter, I would like to know about the mark on the bottom. I know that this is a recent piece but was wondering if the mark on the bottom was the …

Chinese Plate 
I saw a similar submission and was curious if you could give me any facts regarding this plate. Thank you.

chinese happiness vase 
Hello Peter, could you please look at the photo's of my vase ? I would like to know if it is old, or rather new. Thank you in advance

chinese happiness vase 
Hello Peter, could you please look at the photo's of my vase ? I would like to know if it is old, or rather new. Thank you in advance

Antique Chinese Vase 
hi , to everybody !!! i see that here in this forum people are very expert in this speciality , and i hope that i can find some help. I buy this vase …

Marked Vase Black Enamel Flowers Blue White Neck 
Hi, What can you tell me about the piece? New, old, fake, authentic? How about the mark? thanks

Unusual signed asian bowl. Pre 1900  
Hi peter any idea on this bowl signed its pre 1900 Thanks ................. Japanese P.

Hi peter what would be age of this yixing teak pot signed  
Any idea age. Of this and what the signature says

Hi peter is this piece pre 1950s. Fish bowl  
Hi peter wandering if this is pre 1950s Possably early republic Thanks

porcelain figure sitting on fish 
I do not think this old but i am not the expert and would like your valued opinion on this figurine it 23cms tall. Am unsure of quality of pics. Many …

Old or recent? 
Hi Peter, Please help me to identify the ages of these; 1.The large jar/vase crackle glaze Celadon style. Is it old or recent? 2.Happy Buddha …

Id unmarked dragon coffee pot and cups  
can anyone id the pot and cups dragon design

ID unmarked bowl and cover  
can anyone id this unusual and weird looking bowl

Chinese ginger jars  
I have looked at a pair of ginger jars that the seller says are 13 th century but they have no markings. He said that is common for this time period. Is …

Chinese lidded jar 
Hello again Peter, can you tell me anything about this please? Age?

Export Plates 
Hi again Peter. Just thought I might pick your brains about some more plates I recently bought for pennies at a Car Boot Sale. They came from the same …

Identify mark? 
Hi Peter, Please help me to identify this mark. Thanks, Ping

Chinese vase 
Hi Peter I have just bought this vase, could you tell me anything about it please?

Celadon cup and saucer mark 
Hi Peter, Can you read this mark? Nancy

Chinese or Japanese? 
Hi Peter, More picture of blue and white footed bowls. Is this Chinese or Japanese? Thanks, Ping

Help Me Identify This Vase 
Can someone please help me figure out where this vase was made and if it is anything special? Thanks


Hi again Mr. fazli, i also like to consult this Celadon Dish, its been a long time already in my house,its from my grand grand mother gift. i have cleaned …

Chinese Jar/Flask? 
Peter, I wonder once more if this comes within your expertise. It stands 16.5cm high and weighs 340gms. I thank you for your input in advance. …

Tea pot. Authentic or fake. Peter  
This is the second tea pot. Is this fake or original Looks original to me but you Are expert Thanks let me know

Is this original. Period or fake. Peter  
I have a few tea pots im gonna list would like to know if original. Period or fake Thanks




What is it??  
Hi, This was also in my stepdad's stash. I have no idea what it is? Can you help? Thanks so much! Becky

Oriental Vase and Stand 
I am hoping you can help me. My stepdad has a collection of oriental pictures with onlays, vases, and this vase and stand that has mother of pearl inlaid. …

Could you please help me identify the stamps and tell me what time they might be from? Thank you very much for your help. Kind regards Desiree Damste …

Sage Tea Set  
Hi Peter, I have a sage color tea set in a broken wood box covered on paper. It also gas some bird images on the top of the jars. Date, design, material, …

Chinese blue & white? 
Hi Peter, I have blue and white Chinese scene plate. The blue color is very dark. I am not sure this is Chinese or just some of South-east Asian product. …

Famille Verte Plate 
Hai Peter, What do think about this plate, lots of colors. 23cm, strange looking seal mark. Rgds Anton.

Dish1 closeups 
Hai Peter, More detailed pictures. Rgds Anton.

Old Chinese Porcelain Bowl 
Hi Peter Thanks for sharing your expertise with everyone. Helps educate us who are novices in this area. I acquired this bowl from a relative who was …


Hai Peter, What do you think of this dish, I thought Qianlong, not really sure about this item. Rgds Anton.

Set Of Two Famille Rose Plates 
I suspect they are newish but don't know if they are vintage or recently made. Cannot figure the mark. Seems that it is painted or printed underglaze. …


Japanese Kraak Bowl.. more pictures 
Thanks for your earlier response. I followed up and looked at the Chinese Kraak motifs... and actually learned something useful. Thanks for the references. …

Chinese vase bought on antique auction - old or new 
Hello, I'd like to have an opinion on two identical Chinese vases that I bought on an antique auction in 1991 in Belgium, at that time calculated to Euro’s …

Is this a real Tang dynasty sancai glazed small pot? 
Hi, I hope this is from the Tang dynasty (but if it isn't I still like it very much) Its marked and I do not expect that from a very old piece. (?!) …

Hello, Am unsure if this vase is of oriental origins. hoping you can enlighten me. Kind regards. Flo

China flowerpot 
Hello, What do you think about this pot? What age? Real or fake? Thank you.

Lotus Bowl 
Peter, Sorry to trouble you again but I have not seen a similar bowl to this and can not find a mark to match the one in my picture. Can you help? …

Boeren Ming 
Hai Peter, How old is this plate/bowl. I've seen similar plates advertised as 17th. century "Boeren Ming", farmers ming. 26cm diameter. Rgds …

Tea caddy. With hand written signature n bottom  
This tead caddy is it japanese or chinese Is it old ? The signature on bottom is hand written Thanks let me know

Delicate antique Asian blue and white teapot 
I believe this piece to be Chinese or Japanese most likely 19th? c. very delicately applied feet great quality. Would you help me ID it please?

Japanese Porcelain  
It is appropriate to post question about Japanese porcelain here? If so I have this large bowl that was suggested to me as being Japanese. It has …

What is this and relative value? Paint drop and piece missing on base

15" Vase 
Greetings, need help identifying this mark on the bottom of a vase. Vase has a broken lip and is about 15" tall. Glaze has total crackling. Thank you, …

Hai Peter, What do you think about the age and origin of this bowl. 14,5 cm diameter. 6cm height. Rgds Anton.

hand painted, blue on white  
Hi, First off I am not 100% sure that this item is oriental and therefore comes within your remit. Dimensions; height 9.5cm : diameter top 23.5cm …

China vase with broken top rim 
Hello, Please see the link to the photos of anther China's vase. What do you think about it? What age and reign? Real or fake? Thank you. …

He xuren vase? 
Hello peter, could this be a original vase of Hey xuren, or is this a copy. And I think the vase is dated but I'm not that good at chinese dates. …

Is this pre 1800 or modern fake  
Like to know if this is pre 19th century

Chinese Vase ? 
Hi Wonder if anyone can help with this ? It has belonged to my Dad for around 60 years and originally came from the "Cadbury" family of Birmingham. He …

Famille rose figure.  
Is this figure. Late qing dynasty

Famille rose buddha. Figure marked  
Do you know what these unusual markings would mean. And date

Figure. Early republic. Or late qing  
Is this mark. Old mark. Thanks peter

8 inch square hand painted dish. 
I would like some information as to the mark on the bottom of the plate.

Small Chinese Bowl  
Hi there Peter Glad I found your site. Really like what you are doing. I recently found this small bowl in my great aunt's home after she passed away. …

China's old porcelain picture 
Hello, What do you think about this porcelain picture? What age it could be? Is it a real or fake? Thank you. regards,

The most beautiful China vase I have. What do you think about this? 
Hello, Please see another China's vase from my collection. Please let me know what do you think about it? What age? Real or fake? Thank you.

Ginger Jar 
Hello, I found this porcelain jar deep under the eves of my family home. The home itself dates to 1720. Came to this website while looking for info …

Chinese or Japanese? 
Hi Peter, I would like to purchase the two items from the local shop. One is footed bowl I think it looks like Japanese but they said Chinese. The other …

blue Buddha 
Hello, Could you tell me, please, something related to the origin and the age of this statue? Thank you in advance. Simonne

chinese old vase? 
Hello, great appreciation for any suggestion regarding this vase. Simmone

vase - what age? Real or fake?  
Hello, Could you advise please whether vase from the attached pictures can be real or fake? . Thank you.

rose family ginger jar 
Hello Peter, I need your opinion concerning this jar, what do you think, could be this piece a real tongzhi or is a new one, with only a decorative …

Pair of vases, are they antique? 
Hello, Can you help me please, I obtained a pair of Chinese vases, there are no markings or stamps to the base,but I was wondering if you could maybe …

China vase 5 - what age? Ancient or modern? 
Twin vases - 44 height. Thank you for your comments.

China vase 4 - what age? Real or fake? 
Another vase. 60 cm height. Thank you for your comments and information about potential age and authenticity.

China vase 3 - real or fake? 
Another vase. Thank you for your comments reagarding age and origin.

China vase - some more photos 
Peter I am uploading some more pictures of the vase. Please let me know what do you think? The age, etc.? Thank you.

Teapot with frogs 
Dear Peter, I hope that your knowledge and experience will help determine what is written on the stamps of the teapot with frogs. Thank you.

Here are the extra pics you needed for large fish bowl 
Ok here are pics you needed to determin if this kitems age. Seller says early republic. Thanks let me know

Chinese or European pottery 
Hi Peter, Blue and white transfer print with Oriental scene. There is no marked on it. Is it Chinese or European pottery? Thanks, Ping

Pls Help date a Cup in a Painting 
I have a painting of this cup and would like to be able to date it. Questions: 1. What time period/dynasty can it belong to? 2. Is this a bamboo motif, …

Trying to identify a piece my mother left me 
I'm trying to find out something about this bowl left to me by my late mother. The Bowl is 15cm across and 7cm deep. Any help would be very gratefully …

Small foo dog handles white blanc de chine? pot with lid. 
Please help with origin, era/age. Thanks.

Blue and white shallow bowl/plate.  
Please help with origin, era/age. Thanks.

Celadon tea cup? Chinese? 
Please help with era/age. Thanks.

Small blue and white jar with lid 
Please help with era/age. Thanks.

Kanxi Falangcai Ginger Jar? more photos 
The jar is glossy/shiny, has a fish? symbol mark, rust bleed through spots, small glaze misses, and a smooth rim. Thanks.

6 old staples in this Chinese vase, what age is it?  
Dear Peter and posters, This is the third of my Chinese jars. This one measures 13 and a bit cms high including the wooden lid which itself is just over …

Would you know the age of this pot ?  
Hi there Peter This is the second of my Chinese pots from my grandfathers antique collection. This blue and white one has some marks on the base but …

Chinese enameled porcelain lamp base 
Hi Peter, I have Chinese hand painted lamp base, Is it old or recent? Thank you very much. Ping

Chinese Dragon Jar, fish inside lid  
Hello I am trying to find out the age of this jar it is approx 8" high by 8" wide two ring handles either side and a foo dog to lid, it has painted fish …

Small dragon jar 
Hello, I am trying to identify the age of my small chinese dragon jar 2.5" high by 3" wide,I thing originaly it had a lid which is missing, any help would …

Unidentified flat piece of porcelain 
Again thank you for your continued patience. I believe that we have finally been able to upload the pictures to the blog. To refresh your memory, we would …

Eggshell porcelain fully hand painted tea set unknown impressed mark? 
I purchased this lovely eggshell porcelain tea set in a full hand painted floral pattern (I think lotus flowers) & was wondering if you would be able to …

Is this early republic.  
Hi peter this is local and he says its 1910-1920. I that correct

Kanxi Falangcai Ginger Jar? 
Authentic Kanxi or newer? Thanks

What about this vase? What age? Real of fake? 
Peter, What do you think about this vase? Thank you.

Is this late 18th century Chinese porcelain? 
Is this late 18th century Chinese porcelain? Who can help me with some more information about this item? It measures are 8,5x5cm.

Pulled this off a 1920-1930 lamps This early republic.  
Is this early republic. The lamps is deffinatly 1930s it came off What Does marking say Thanks peter

Help please, I can't figure out what this is.... 
Hello, I'm a very novice collector of pottery, and I have no clue about this piece. It looks Chinese to me, but I can't tell (nor can anyone else I've …

Japan plate 
Hai Peter, I have got this plate from a local auction. A 30cm japanese kraak style plate which was dated around 1700. What do you think, is the age …

Chinese vase - real or fake? 
Hello, Could you advise please whether vase from the attached pictures can be real or fake? My father bought it in 1978 in China. Thank you.

johns vase 
I have recently acquired this Chinese vase. Does anyone know its origins? I have enclosed the maximum pictures allowed, however I have more and of course …

Help needed with 19th century Chinese Imari plate 
Hi, I'm a novice collector and bought some (hopefully) antique Chinese porcelain. This item was sold to me as a 19th Century Imari plate. I did some …

Chinese. Song dynasty ewer. brown glazed  
Is this ewer Chinese song dynasty Just acquired from antique dealer locally

Is it Antique or a reproduction? 
Hi Peter, I want to purchase this bowl but have no idea about the age. Could you please help me to identify the age of this bowl. Thanks, Ping

Identification of several pieces and marks including dates. Your help is appreciated. no 2 
Here are some more photos in natural light of the little blue tea cup I have posted about below. thanks for your input guys.

"qianlong"period plate authentication 
Peter & Tim, Thank you for your input. Being a novice collector I was unaware that oriental ceramics could be so complicated. …

ID marking and age  
can anyone id plate mark

Kangxi reign mark but late 19th century ?  
Hi I have a ginger jar that has been identified online as having Kangxi reign mark but produced in the late 19th century for the export market. The online …

Need Help With Mark On Vase 
Purchased this at a sale need help with mark and age. Hope I took picture right on mark I never know if I have it upside down. It's about 15 inches tall. …

Identification of several pieces and marks including dates. Your help is appreciated. no 7 
The seventh set of photos is of brown glaze moon flask with dear decoration, upon purchase I was led to believe it is 17th/early 18th century. other than …

Identification of several pieces and marks including dates. Your help is appreciated. 
Hi there guys, I am new to the antique Chinese porcelain collecting game and as such am not all to knowledgeable in the area of identification of pieces …

Marked Old Porcelain Chinese Enamel Paint Plate 
It's a small piece, about 5 1/2" in diameter.Obviously, decent age on the bottom but not sure if it matches the circa that the mark suggests. What can …

can you identify ? 
hello i am albert from PH, my father is a collector he got a lot of collection but i cannot tell if it is authentic or not ,maybe you could help me here …

Small Chinese porcelain dish that was a wedding gift 
In 1966, my mother-in-law gave me a small porcelain dish (6.5" in diameter) on my wedding day 47 years ago. She told me that my father-in-law had bought …

China cup with two handles 
Dear colleagues, can anyone tell me why this cup was used and what is written on the bottom. The height is 2 inches,and 3 inches diameter.

Chinese vase 
Hello Peter, Can you tell me something about this vase, of which period would this vase be. the vase is marked at the bottom I think Kangxi, but this …

Hi Peter, Tim, and everyone, Could you give your views on this bowl. I read and enjoy your discussion on Chinese imari plate. Thank you More pictures: …

Garniture set 
Hai Peter, What do you think about this set. First I thought it could be from around 1800. But my guess is it isn't that old. Rgds Anton.

Chinese famille rose trinket dish 
Hi Peter, I have a small dish of Famille rose style. Any idea about the age? or just new production. Thanks, Ping

what are thses where are they from how old :C 
found these think maybe tea caddys? any ideas plz help

small piece of porcelain 
Just upload pictures to an external image site like Photobucket or any website and post the link to the pictures here. P. ------------------------ …

Cylinder Jar With Lid No Mark 
Hello Peter, I purchased this jar, don't know what it would had been used for? And there is no mark. Hope you could tell me when it was made or if it is …

Chinese Porcelain Circular Box 
HI Peter, up for review is this circular box, it is 3-1/2" tall and 6-1/4 wide and it is a very fine porcelain, under a loop it is hand painted, I thought …

3 Deities 
Ok I am going to try to send better pics. Jo

Is this chinese blanc the chine 
Hello, I am curious is this Blanc de Chine? how old can it be? Any particular? and what is it worth minimal? Kind reagards Maria

Covered sugar bowl? 
Hi I recently got this from estate sale and even though the lid and bottom are different in color I believe they belong together. Thank You CJ

black bowl 
Hello Peter, Tim, and everyone I brought a bowl less than a month ago. This bowl look like "hare's-fur" tea bowl but more shining and include 3 hares …

Chinese Bowl  
Can you tell me anything about this little bowl? As always thank you!

Chinese or Japanese? 
I have one crackle glaze vase and embossed rice bowl. They are marks on the bottom. Please help me to indentify are they Chinese or Japanese? Thank, …

Garden and birds plate 
Hai Peter, I also have a small plate of which I would like to know the age. Diameter: 25cm. Rgds Anton.

Big bowl 
Hello Peter, This bowl had been in my collection for few years. My research said it was Ming's. As always I need you and other expert opinion. Dimension …

Chinese Imari Plate 
Hai, I bought this plate to be early 18th century Kangxi and altough it was broken and restored I find it strange it has no damages on the rim. It's 39cm …

chenghua small plate 
Dear sir, I own a small Chinese plate about 8 com diameter and the foot ring approximately 4 cm carry a seal of chenghua dynasty, inner side has a circled …

Vase or Urn  
Greetings, I have a vase or urn and trying to figure out the make, year, and value. The height of the vase is 14" and from one handle to the other …

Large Chinese Jar with Lid, 5 clawed dragons 
Hello, I find this site very interesting and informative, I have a very large chinese jar that I am trying to identify, I think the mark is qianlong? but …

Any Ideas Please? 
I saw this vase yesterday and was astounded byt the quality and weight. I have had a look at 'leaf' marks and the only one I can find is the Kangxi period …

Real or Fake 
Hello, would you be able to advise if the Chinese Vase I have is antique or new?

need help determining value of vase 
Can you tell me if this vase is valuable and if so an estimate of the value???

small jar 
Hello Piter, Thank you for your explanation last time. Had help me learn kraak little better. This time I have underglaze red. Any chance it was a Ming's …

Can anyone read the Chinese Script on this Balluster jar ?? 
We have a small balluster-type Chinese vase with a floral pattern. The vase also has a lid as well. (see pictures for details). Unlike typical balluster …

18th c chinese export tea pot 
Hi Peter, New to my collection is this Chinese Export tea pot, It is 6" high to the top of the lid and 9-1/2" wide from the spout to the handle, I was …

Can you identify this vase? 
Hi Peter, I came across a pair of these vases while clearing my parents house. They're about 5-6 inches tall and a "reverse" of each other in terms of …

Japanese Mark? 
Hello Peter, Would like to know what this Japanese mark says? Vintage or New? Thanks for all you do.

Chinese brass Cloisonne jar 
Hi Peter, I have small Chinese brass enamel jar. Is this old or recent? Thanks, Ping

White Blue Porcelain Plate 
Any idea how old it is? thanks

Small White Blue Crackle Vase 
Newish, vintage? thanks

Can anyone Id this dish if it's chines and when it made appreciate thanks

Authentic or change jar? 
Hello Peter, I Picked this up and have no Idea what I'm looking at. Please help.

Big plate 
Hi Peter, This plate look old to me. I may be wrong, so I need your opinion. And everybody opinion are gladly welcome. Thank you More detail pictures …

flat piece of porcelain by Pat (Floirda) 
admin No pictures uploaded. Please follow uploading instructions to the word. Alternatively, you can upload to a site like photobucket and post …

Antique Chinese Porcelain Ginger Jar Pot Ming Dynasty  
it is 6.5" x6.5" high approx. I would like to know if it is antique and the period thank you

Small Dish 
Hello Peter, Could you provide some information about this small dish ? It measures 5 1/2 inches across. Thank You, …

Chinese Clay Teapot 
CHi Peter, I have one of this clay enamelled chinese teapot.It is in generally good condition, but i dont have enough information related to this teapot.Could …

Blue and White Baluster Vase with Enamel Florals 
I have a lidded baluster vase with enamel florals done in a Kangxi style but am curious what the overall treatment with the enamel is referred to? The …

An fishbowl, need help 
I´m archaeologist in Spain, in the north, so sorry for my english; I´m used to identify pottery and porcelain medieval, post medieval ad after, but european …

Found this locally. For sale. Wndering idf as advertised 
This locvely tea pot is advertised as 1900. Is that corrct

here is another picture of the seal reads qianlong to me.what do you think?

Hi peter i found this plate advertised locally  
I found this plate advertised locally , is this worthy of collecting any idea age Thanks

Blue Teardrop on the bottom of vase 
what does a blue teardop makers mark indicate?

Side view of bowl 
Ok here is side view of bowl

Chinese Pottery 
In am trying to find the value of this pot that has been broken. Can anyone tell me if it is antique or not and give me an approximate value?

how old is my porcelain 
I got these pieces from my great grandmother's estate after she passed away. I know nothing about them and was trying to get some information on the age …

Hi peter is this 19th century bowl  
Is this bowl 19 th century Bowl Thanks peter. Once again

Hi peter what does the bottom say. And why the wax seal 
I was wondering what you think of this piece. And why did they pit wax seal on ot Thanks again your Expertise. Its much appreciated

Chinese plate ID? 
Hi, I was sold this small (7 1/2" diameter) plate by a young man on the beach near Anyer, West Java, on the Sunda Strait. He said it came from a Chinese …

Hi Peter, Please give your opinion on this ewer. 27 cm high. Thank you

From which period can this small pinapple pattern blue white vase be ? 
Such a shiny vase, prohably handpainted and chinese, but from which period can it be? There is no mark, I add some photo's Thanks for looking anyways, …

Id age of a pot  
can everyone, can anyone Id this pot and it age please appreciate


ID pottery  
Hi everyone does anyone know if this pots are chines they have no marking

Hello, Picked up this larger charger with what looks like a stylish Japanese signature. Am I off base? Thanks, Bob

Dragon Rice Bowl? 
Hello Peter, Here's another one of my finds from yard sales. It's like a light green with blue dragon bowl. Blue mark is faded so it's really hard to see …

Old or Not? More Pictures 
Hello Peter, I would first like to say THANKS for looking at this. I bought this at a sale can't read mark or really I have no idea if its old or not. …

Blueware Porcelian Plate 
Not sure if Chinese. Any help with the age? thanks

Hexagon Porcelain Pot 
I suspect modern but just to double check. thanks

Chinese figures, from which period are they 
I wonder from which period these chinese famille rose figurines are? They are approx 9 cm high

Chinese or Japanese? 
Hi Peter, I would like to purchase an Oriental large jar. Please help me to identify the age of this jar. I do think it is not old. Thanks, Ping …

Inherited antique Chinese pottery/celadon items additional pictures 
Thank you for taking the time to provide information on these items. I have posted some additional pictures below.

yellow vase 
Hello Peter, May I have your view on my vase. The mouth had been repaired. 30 cm high. Thank you. additional pictures …

Inherited antique Chinese pottery/celadon items 
I recently inherited two Chinese pottery items and wanted to learn a little bit more about them. Would love to find out what their use was, how old etc. …

Is this correct decoration for ming period. Piece 
Is this correct. Of style correct. Mark correct. But not decoration Thanks love to know your opinion

Blue and whitechinese plates 
Here are single pics for you

Ming jar. Unmarked.  
Is this jar. Correct. Foot and glaze ming period ? Thanks peter

Chinese vase with ming mark on bottom 
Is this. Ming period or. Fake.

I got this vase and i am tying to find out more about it.I can't find it on line.I know that it has some rust spots and it has got a blue tint to it in …

Ae these 19th century. Blue and white poclian 
Hi peter are these 19th century. Or older Thanks

Hi peter would you know. Age and what bottom says.  
Hi i was wondering what the bottom says on this piece and if its old. Piece. Or 20th century.

Hexagon Blue White Plate  
Hi, I guess the shape and the brown rim suggest more Japanese Aritaware than Chinese porcelain but wanted to double check. thanks

Hi Peter, This time I bring you a dish full of flowers. Want to hear your opinion about it. 30 cm diameter. Thank you. additional pictures …

Glazed greyish vessel 
Peter, I have one more item for your expert opinion .It is 17.5cm high and 7.5cm across mouth and base.Material is thick (almost 1cm) greyish white with …

Hi peter. Whats your opinion on this piece 
Wondering what youthink of this and what does sayon bottom Thanks so much.

Blue and white vase for identification help 
Blue and white porcelain vase 15cm high ,7cm across mouth,apparently used in a portugese church in india for ceremonies.Has a few cracks but no broken …

Chinese transitional vase 
Hello, I am a novice collector of asian antiques, and I would like to share a couple of pieces that i recently acquired. First is what I believe to be …

Need help in identifying marks on old oriental vase. 
Need help in identifying marks on old oriental vase. Vases are 6.5 inches high. Location Idaho. Thanks, Bob

Blue and white jar 
Hi Peter, Is this marked jar Chinese? Pardon my always short letters for I not English speaker. Really appreciate your helps. Thank you. complete pictures …

Chinese hat stand Early Republic? 
Hello again Peter, Is this an Early Republic piece or an older one, what do you think? Thank you, Simonne

chinese blue white vase 
Hello Peter, What do you think about the age of this vase? Thank you again, Simonne

Chinese or Japanese? 
Hi Peter, I have got a large Dragon bowl, It has marked Panda on the bottom. Is this Chinese or Japanese? Thanks Ping

A Chinese BW Bowl 
Dear Peter, please help with this bowl. It is 3" height. Many thanks.

ID mark  
HI everyone can any one Id this mark please appreciate any help thanks

double gourd 
Hi Peter, I am back with this pottery of mine. Pictures are low in resolution so I add couple more. Hope you can identify it. Thank you very much for …

Beautiful Chinese vase 
Hello Peter, I have one more item that is from his deceased aunt and I am wondering if its a unique vase and could be worth does not have …

Help With Age Of Chinese Porcelian Statue 
Wonder what circa is the piece. Sorry I don't have clear photo of the marks. thanks

Hi peter i this. 17th century. Piece safe. To purchase  
Let me know your opinion on this piece Being advertised as authentic

Chinese/Japanese plate with unknown mark 
Just bought a plate and couldn't identify how old it was, and where it was from? Can't even find the hallmark.

Hi peter. The symbol is ming period. Symbol 
I was wondering if this little jar is ming period Peice. Thanks

Hi peter is this also. Ming. Late ming period. Blue and white 
I was wondering if this little jar is ming period Peice Thanks

Hi peter is this ming period. Peice  
I was wondering if this little jar is ming period Peice Thanks

Chinese Plate 
Hi Peter, can you let me know when was this made? Its from my grandma. She brought it here from China in the 1920s when she emigrated. Regards. …

Chinese Teapots 
Hi Peter, found these teapots when moving house. Are they real or fakes? Regards.

Chinese fish bowl 
This fish bowl was passed down from my husbands deceased aunt and was wondering the value..thank you 20" round

Beautiful jar 
Hi Peter, This is a beautiful jar. Wish it antique too. Your comments are always welcome. 30 cm high. Thank you Additional pictures …

Japanese Vase 
Does anyone know this mark. Thanks.

Id chines vase  
Hi everyone does anyone know anything about this pot it's not signed

18" Blue Vase 
Hello Peter, Thank you for your previous help. Could you provide any information about this vase. It measures 18" tall and marks on the bottom. …

Chinese or Japanese vase 
I found this vase, and curious what these markings say on the bottom. Your help would be appreciated. I really don't know if the vase is from China …

blue white meiping 
Hi Peter, Would you help me with this meiping please. Is it authentic? Thank you. Additional pictures …

Hello Peter, could you tell from the images whether this vase is modern? It does seem to have the characteristics of the genuine known Kangxi mallet …

Yixing teapot  
Hi Peter/Stan! Please forgive me for posting this item here because I know that there are enthusiastic yixing forums all over the internet, but I would …

Chinese Blue and white jar 
Hi again Mr. Peter may i ask if you can help me with this Blue and white Jar.... is this authentic or just a nice fake? and what do you think is this era …

Qing or early Republic porcelain 
HI Peter, after buying really good fakes, I was down for awhile, but I think I found something that is really an antique, this vase has provenance, It …

Dating and Determining Origin of Oriental Urn 
Several pieces of china and other artifacts have been passed down in our family for many generations. This particular piece was imported via a relative …

Two Chinese vases - who can identify? 
Hi, I have two Chinese (?) vases, but I know nothing about them. Can someone help me? The first one is decorated with three ladies etc. Size: hight 19 …

Small Bowl from My Great Aunt's Home 
Hello Peter Found this bowl in my great aunt's house and don't know anything about it. I was just seeing if it looked Asian to you or not. There aren't …

Japanese Ginger Jar 
Can you give me any idea of the value of the very old Japanese cloisonne ginger jar? I know that it is at least 70 years old, possibly much older than …

Chinese/Japanese?? Porcelain Doll 
Hi Peter/forum friends, please throw some light on this item (a beautiful porcelain oriental doll- adorned with beautiful crafted design. There seems …

Plate 8.5" 
Could you provide some information about this 8.5" plate. Thank You Kurt Karlsson Orillia …

Hi peter would you have idea age of clay statue 
Hi peter im purchasing this clay statue far right. Any idea of age Kuam yin 33h 17w cm This not wood, made clay Much appreciated. Item from reputal …

ID mark 
Can someone ID this mark on this pot any help will do thanks you

Hi Peter, I want to ask you this vase which I guess is Ming. Am I right? it is 25 cm high. more pictures …

Oval Chinese Enamel Plate - recent? 
I know the QianLong mark is not from the period. There is a small chipped paint as you can see from the pictures. Just wanted to confirm if that is a recent …

Oriental Horse 
Hello Peter, Could you provide some information about this horse. The mark on the bottom is not very clear, if you need more pictures, I will …

Ginger jar and vase 
greeting Peter, I really like to heard your opinion about this 2 items. I got confused when I see they had different bottoms ( glassed and unglassed). …

Chinese BW bowls 
Thank you very much for your comments. I took the photos of the bowl where I assumed that the pattern is printed. At least these twigs look printed to …

Is this Chinese water pot/teapot an old piece? If so what era do you think? 
Hi, I found this at an old estate sale, and it appears to be quite old. I'm not even sure if it is a teapot or water pot or could it be called something …

chinese pot 
I would like to know your opinion regarding this object, is it new, vintage or older? Thank you very much. Simonne

Chinese flowered vase 
Can anyone help to identify the period and origin of this flowered vase?

Famille rose vase 
I'm back with this 15" beautiful Famille rose vase featuring a Qianlong mark. I don't have illusions about its age but because I couldn't find another …

Are these original period 19th century. Or copy  
I was told by the quality and design the Vases would date from the earlier to mid 19th century period, Jiaqing to Daoguang reigns

brown bowl 
Hi Peter, I had this bowl smeared with paint and have try to cleaned it for couple days. Can you help me identify it?. Thank you. additional pictures …

Unusual object 
Hi, Peter! My apologies not to post the piece of the century again, but I would be very grateful for your or anyone else opinion who, where, when and …

Is this piece. 1890-1920. Hope you can help Thank youpeter

Valuation of Porcelain Bowl 
Hi, this is my first time visiting this website. I would like to find out where can I find good antique shop which can help me valuate some antique bowl. …

Chinese? Japanese? plate with Qianlong mark 
Hi Peter! I just found your fantastic forum and I would greatly appreciate your opinion about this 8 1/2" plate. I'm very novice to Asian art and though …

Hi peter. Would this be. Period mark.  
I have studied alot of marks. And this appears. Correct. What do you think Imput is greatly. Appreciated

How do you think about my plate? 
Hello, I just found a plate from a estate sale that I like it a lot! I paid $50 for it, please tell me how do you think about it. Please, I realy want …

bowl ? 
Hi Peter, Thank you for last comment you gave.I am novice. Hope you do not mind. So this my next item (bowl ?). Is this antique and what it is model …

wanli wucan vase? 
Picked a couple of these vases up recently. I am thinking that they are reproductions because the red color is quite watery. Is it legit or not? How much …

Large Chinese Vase - Antique or Vintage? 
Hi Peter. I hope you can help me identify this piece. I am not sure the age, I am guessing vintage, but I wanted to make sure its not an antique. Its very …

High grade fakes 
Hi Peter, recently I put some porcelain vases and and a brush pot on your site, Thank you for all your help, The items I recently bought are fakes, I …

chinese or japanese plates 
Hello Peter, i would like to know if these plates are old or rather new ? Thank you in advance for your answer !

Porcelain Pumpkin, Tongzhi ? 
Chinese porcelain pumpkin with lid, 4” high, 5” diameter. Red or orange Tongzhi? reign mark. Decoration very close to Gotheborg #64 Is this Tongzhi and …

large beaker vase 
Hi Peter, I have some pictures of a vase from the same antique dealer that I bought the brush pot from, the beaker vase has the same bottom as the brush …

porcelain with lid 
Not sure what it is called but I love it because of the colors and scenes. Please could you tell me if it is a fake or reproduction? I would like to know …

japanese teapot 
Peter, I think this teapot is japanese and old, but vintage or antique, what do you think? Thank you again, Simonne.

Possible Oshima Vase? 
Hello, I was directed here from the fine folks at the Asian Art Forum. My mother had this jar given to her around 40 years ago from her grandfather. …

chinese teapot 
Hello Peter, I read your previous posts regarding the Yixing teapots and I know that it is difficult to identify, but I would like to know if the inscription …

Numbers under lid rim and on bottom of Yongzheng Vase 
I have a large, 14" tall, Chinese Vase with the Yongzheng (1723-1735 ) marks in double red circle. On the bottom is also the number 2 6 one slightly to …

Chinese monochrome blue vase  
Hi Peter, another addition to my collection, this is a large 17" high monochrome blue vase and it is 12-1/2" wide, I bought several pieces from an antique …

Chinese flambé vase 
Hi Peter, this is another vase to my collection, I got it at the same place as the b/w brush washer, I think this could be early republic, I was told it …

chinese vase? 
please can anyone identify this vase for me it has been in the family for at lest seventy years, is it Chinese or Japanese.and is it of any value.yours …

china mark 
After much research, I am unable to find the maker of this china I purchased about 30 years ago. Would you be able to tell me who made it?

small vase 
Hi Peter, Thank you for your advise last post. May I have your opinion on this ? the picture on vase already fade. here is more pictures. …

Chinese Antique Vase from Ming (?) Period 
Post 1 of Chinese Antique Vase from Ming (?) Period Here's an antique Chinese vase I bought about 15 years back from a Chinese family in California: …

qianlong name mark  
I have antique qianlong mark name some like incense burner ivory tripod can help to know more info for this antiqeu?

trying to find out information on urn 
This turn has been in my husbands family for over 6 generations.His great-grandmother's great aunt brought it over from Asia/ China when she was on tour …

Beautiful Bowl more pictures 
Here is another view...

identification of unusual vase 
I recently found this vase in the attic and would like to know if anyone recognizes the markings on the bottom. I have tried to research but I have had …

Beautiful bowl, but the bottom is intriguing. 
Greetings, I hope you can help me identify this bowl. I find that the bottom consruction is unusually different than most, (at least to a novice as myself). …

blue and white brush pot washer 
Hi Peter, here is another added to my collection, I hope its an antique, this pot is 7-3/8" high and 7-3/8" round, the pictures came out a little dark …

Cobalt Blue Floral HP signed Ashtray 
I have had this for some time and purchased it from a second hand store in SoCal that sells pieces from estates that have been donated to them. It looks …

Please Help With Asian Vase Identification 
Hi there I am hoping some-one can help me Identify this minature vase. I can see no markings maybe a small diamond mark on the metal but I am not sure …

small bowl  
thank you for your last help Peter. Now I need your help again please. Just bought this bowl look like antique to me ( had seen it in the net somewhere). …

Blue and White Lamp 
I know the pictures are not the best and no image of the bottom but what is the overall opinion on the piece. 20th century transferware? thanks

Chinese Porcelain Plate 
Dear Peter, I have got this Chinese Plate as a heritage from my Grandpa, I appreciate if you could tell me the type and dynasty of this plate ? …

A pair of Chinese tea bowls 
Dear Peter, please could you help with this tea bowls. On your gallery I saw the same one, or I'm wrong. Thank you very much.

Oriental Cloisonne Cups with silver interior  
I am not sure whether Cloisonne would fit into Porcelain category (as the main material seems to be porcelain). Please help identify these small Cloisonne …

Chinese Porcelain Plate 
Vintage or Antique? Please help. Thanks.

Oriental porcelain beakers 
Please help identify these beakers? Thank you in advance

Oriental Vases 
Please help identify these vases. Probably Japanese?? Appreciate your info/comments.Thanks.

Old statue of Samurai Warrior or Emperor with marks 
Hi Peter, I have a friend that bought this piece at auction. She is an avid collector of Asian pieces. I was wondering if you might shed some light on …

Oriental Porcelain Laughing Buddha  
Many porcelain laughing Buddhas I've seen don't carry a stamp...this one has at the bottom. If I am not wrong it's probably from Japanese Origin (Peter …

Is this marking. Mid to late 20th century  
I have a pair of These three foot vase One is marked on bottom other un marked Are they mid to late 20th century. 1950-1980

Blue and white. Bowl. What does this writing say 
Hi peter could you tell me what this says on bottom And your opinion on authenticity.

Chinese Antique Kangxi Vases 
Would some one be kind enough to furnish some useful information regarding these two (supposedly) Kangxi vases (I am no expert and reached to the conclusion …

Unsure if 17th century blue and white  
This looks like 17th century blue and white. But foot rim looks suspicous to me , is this fake Colors looks right and glaze looks right Thanks …

Wucai Pot 
I am sure the pot is recent or maybe vintage but I am curious is antique wucai pieces include gilt in their decoration? thanks

I was told vietnemese is this true or chinese  
Im looking at purchase this the seller says vietnemese Is that correct And say pre 1700. What is your thought on these

Chinese brush pot 
Hello Peter, and everone, here is a brush pot, I think thats what it is, I am not sure, it is 3" x 3" at the bottom and it is 2-1/8" high, the square opening …

Two chinese(?) vases? 
Anything interesting about these vases. I only know they have been in my mothers family for at least 3 generations so must be at least 80 years old …

Unknow asian mark - Rectangle with Asian Symbols 
Hello, im looking for some informations about this mark. Mybe you can help me to translate it. Thanks. Greetings Mina

A Family Vase 
Hello there! This vase has been in our family for the past 3 decades. This vase was gifted to my grandmother but we are unsure of anything else. Any …

id for chinese clay teapot 
Hi peter. could you please give me any info on this tea pot. the colour is a dark chocolate colour with a lift out strainer. the handles I think are brass. …

Qianlong Ginger jar Identification?? 
I am looking for some help in identifying this jar. The mark on the bottom closely resembles the Qianlong mark, but it is not totally the same. I am wondering …

vase need help 
Hey peter I want to buy this vase ,please help this vase is real or fake Thank you

White Vase 
I purchased this at a resell shop and was wondering if anyone might know anything about it?

I like to know your opinion on these vats. If original 
Are these vats original period ming era.

early republic vase 
Hi Peter, here is the close up pictures of the characters, that would be great if it is a date and the artists name. Thanks.

What does this stamp on the bottom of the vase mean? 
Not sure what it means, if someone could let me know that'd be brill. Thanks Guys

mark on cup chinese or japanese 
mark on the bottom is two birds facing each other 1/2" x 1/2" . motif on small cup with handle three Asian children playing on the bank of a river

asian vase 
asian vase with children climbing on the outside and asian red writing on bottom any help would be apprciated thank you.

Chinese vase unknown age 
This belonged to my aunt, was passed down to my mother in 1975, and then me in 2000. It is a little over 9 inches tall, and suffered some smoke damage …

15th century chinese blue and white jarlets  
I was wondering what would these been used for And they date circa 1450 -1500 Thanks

Famille Rose plates 
Hi again Peter, I was at a very quiet Car Boot Sale at the weekend ( Wimbledon Final Day) and I came across two plates that no one else seemed at all …

I have these cloisonne cases that I inherited from my grandparents. Does anyone know any information about these cases? There are no marks in the bottoms. …

ginger jars 
This is a ginger jar I inherited from my grandparents. They lived in Japan in the late 40's. Does anyone know the age or value of these jars?

Mark Identification: Coral red gilded bowl. 
Anyone seen this before? Is this Chinese or Japanese?

Is this a genuine Famille Rose vase from Quing dynasty? 
Approx: Height: 22cm x Width: 12cm Hand Painted.

antique porcelaine snuff bottle 
Hi Peter, here is a snuff bottle, I just purchased, can you tell me what it says on the bottom and what do you think of the age, the person I bought it …

Ming jar. Wucai. What is your opinion on this piece 
Is this piece authentic. It looks authentic to me Thanks again peter

unusual mark 
Hello Peter, I have found a little vase with an unusual mark, I am curious if it is chinese. Could you help me, please? Best regards, Simonne

Hi peter is this. Jarming late 17th century  
Is this 17th century ming jar OriginL Thanks again peter

Qng dynasty. Period. Is authentic or fake  
Is ths true qing dynasty. Period. Thanks once again

Hi is this piece real pre 1800. Plate Chinese  
Hope you can help is this truely pre 1800 era Is it consider provincial or imperial. Thanks once again

Three dot vase - 3 
Cannot view pictures or comments on original post. Raised.bamboo cobalt and various blues on white porcelain. If you commented on first would you please …

2 Porcelian Lided Blue & White Pots 
Got few questions. The pieces show quite of a wear but wonder about the brown on the bottom, the lips at the opening and the underside of the lids. You …

Blue & White Marked Brush Box 
The mark looks a bit like Qianlong Period but want to double check. The bottom shows wear and rust. Any idea what circa is the piece? thanks

Large Porcelian Vase - Hand Painted 4 Characters Mark 
Hi, The vase is pretty big, about 20" tall. Features raised enamel hand painted decoration. Would like to know about the mark, age, reproduction etc... …

Japanese Vases 
Can anyone assist me in identifying these Japanese vases from the Meiji period? That is as much as I know except they were purchased in Japan prior to …

Hi Peter, Can you tell me about this plate? Good or fake? I need the opinion from you. Thanks

Chinese snuff bottle need help identifying 
Hi peter, could you please tell me what period this is from.And if it is a fake.

Chinese Turquoise pottery owl mark translation question 
Hi there everyone. I have a large 12" turquoise owl. I believe it to be old but I dont understand the mark on the base. Much help in identifying the mark …

What style and period is this newish vase replicating? 
Not sure if Chinese or Japanese. Looks pretty new to me. Has to be all printed because of the perfectly straight lines. The mark on the bottom looks weird …

vase and bowl need help 
This is Hongxian period vase .I want to buy this from ebay ,can you help .This is real or fake Thank you

real or replica? 
my mother found this at a thrift store. does anyone have any insight into whether this is real or a fake? thanks.

Please help me identifying 
Dear All and Dear Peter, I have a beautiful vase in my possession. It is a beauty, even it might be a fake. I think the material is faience and not …

Dear Peter, I have a very well made, translucent porcelain vase,that has been hand painted very intricately with tiny brush strokes. The foot is flat, …

(1) This's Qing dynasty vase ?please help 
Hey Peter this's Qing dynasty vase with Qianlong mark ?please help Than you

huge Wucai Wanlin Chinese porcelain plate 
Hi, here a very large (diameter 61 cm) plate colored in wucai style, marked Wanling. I know it is not of the Ming period, but I would like to know …

please help! antique tang pottery? wang xizhi calligraphy blue and white porcelain 
please help! antique tang pottery? wang xizhi calligraphy blue and white porcelain. seems similar. plese help me. i had a look and there are porcelains …

Hundred Deer Vase with Deer Head Handles 
I purchased this vase @ a silent auction, it actually belonged to a top executive of Philip Morris Asia, and he was in China for 25 years before relocating …

chinese celadon bowl ,need help 
is this chinese celadon bowl ? the bowl 5" long and 2"2/8 tall,please help Thank you

flat piece of porcelain 
Hello, I had sent you a request in early May and appreciated your quick response. I tried to send pictures but was unable to do so. I will try again. …

From which period? 
Any idea on the period of this item? Thanks. Daniel

Need Help With Mark 
Hi, Just another item I have picked up at a yard sale. Needing help with mark thought I found it but it didn't have the G in the center. Thanks

mark on bottom 
Hi peter, I am thinking of buying this vase on ebay today, it is a satsuma incense burner, could you help me to read these marks please,

Qing porcelain pot? 
Peter Found this at a thrift store and looked authentic. Picked it up for 5 bucks, any information you can give me would be much appreciated. Thanks for …

Mark On Large Oval Dragon & Phoenix Porcelain Plate 
Hi, It looks pretty new and I suspect it was maybe a restaurant ware. The marks is painted but appears quite recent. Just curious what does it say. …

Circa 1830 Chinese Rose Medallion Large Teapot-Flaw to Lid true or fake 
Gorgeous fine painting, gilding and enameling on a very rare example of Chinese Rose Medallion porcelain...the handle defines the age of the pot. but …

HI PETER WOULD YOU KNOW AGE OF THIS It appears to me tobe 1900-1920 i was told 1940s the glaze appears to be japanese is that correct or is …

Blue Characters Crackle Glazed Porcelain Vase 
Almost sure that the piece is pretty recent but want to double check. I guess the characters are some kind of poem or wishes? thanks

Vintage Chinese See Through Sugar Bowls? 
I have two small bowls that I believe are Chinese see through sugar bowls (info obtained from my recent internet searches). Porcelain pieces have transparent …

Fake Satsuma? 
Hello, Is this a fake Satsuma mark? Or what could it be? Thank You So Much!

Porcelain Plate 
I realize this is vintage, rather than antique, but I was hoping someone could give me some information regarding this plate. My mother left me a rather …

Brush cup? 
Wondering your thoughts on this as I have not seen one before. Hard to believe somebody to carve so skillfully such small kanji characters. bob

Picked this piece at a country auction, wondering your thoughts about it's age, history and value if any. Thanks in advance, Bob

What are these? Backward N in china 
Need help again. I have had these for awhile but never could get information on what they are. They are miniature, maybe 2 1/2 inches tall. The china mark …

Chinese bowl 
Trying to identify marking on chinese bowl with lid.

medallion porcelain chinese plate  
any idea of the circa? thanks


Blue/White Chinese Bowl - What are Characters on Bottom? 
I found this bowl at my mother's house. I believe it came from several items she inherited from a friend who had an antique store. I have searched the …

Two Shard Trinket Boxes 
I think the boxes are papier mache or similar. Obviously newish or vintage. Wonder if there is any way to figure the circa of the porcelain tops. I even …

Unknown mark on plate 
Dear Peter, Here are some xtra photos. Many thanks! Greetings, Camiel Your original answer: Qing dynasty plate by: peter This is a …

small blue and white plate 
Herewith a small blue and white plate

Small blue and white vase 
Herewith a small blue and white vase

Blue and white flask 
Herewith a blue and white flask

Anothe blue and white plate 
Herewith anothe blue and white plate. Sorry, I mixed up the detail photo of this plate with that of the former plate.

Blue and white plate 
Herewith a blue and white plate

4 very small blue and white cups 
Herewith 4 very small blue and white cups

4 small saucers 
Herewith 4 small saucers

3 small Blue and White saucers 
Herewith 3 small blue and white saucers

3 Blue and White Plates 
Hi Peter, I will sent some atributions in portions to the forum consisting of blue and white porcelain. I am very interested to know age and period …

4 teacup saucers belonging to the teacups posted earlier 
Hi Peter, I will sent some atributions in portions to the forum consisting of blue and white porcelain. I am very interested to know age and period …

Two blue and white teacups 
Hi Peter, I will sent some atributions in portions to the forum consisting of blue and white porcelain. I am very interested to know age and period …

lidded bowl ? 
Hi Peter, I just bought this bowl, and I was told that it is a Chinese early 19th century, I can not find any marks like the one on this bowl, is this …

Unknown Jar is this a Japanese or Chinese? 
Hi again Peter here some other photos of the of the jar. --------------------------------------- The pictures were sufficient. I cannot tell you more; …

damage glaze celadon cup 
Hi again Mr. Peter do you think this is a authentic cup or just reproduction? Thank you

Small white Celadon plate 
Hi again Mr. Peter may i ask if this is a original Celadon plate? or just a reproduction? Thank you

Teapot with 4 cups 
Hello All, I came upon this teapot and cups at a Salvation Army store. I've looked up the marks, read about the fakes, how to tell, etc and also, I …

Here is another piece that I cant find anything on 
This piece was at the same estate sale it has mark on the bottom but its so worn can hardly make it out hoping someone can place the piece by looks.

need a little help figuring out what this is 
Found this at an estate sale and cant figure out what it is and when and who made it hope you all can help me.

early republic or not 
Hi Peter, I have seen this style on your web site before however this piece I believe is older, it has all the age signs, my question is do you think that …

is this Chinese Ginger Jar 
Blue color it is 4.5" high x 4.5" diameter approx.

Is this Chinese? 
It looks like a Chinese item what do we call it? approximately, when was it made? what do they use it for? it is 4" high x 4.25" wide it is green …

stuped on marks 
Hi Peter, here is more pictures to evaluate age, this vase is clearly older than the other two fukagawa vases I have, I am hoping that it can be assigned …

Chinese Fish Bowl 
Purchased from an Antique Dealer about 20 years ago. They said they received a shipment from China. Can you give me information if this is actual Chinese …

stumped on marks 
Hi Peter, I have a vase that I am trying to figure out what it says, after searching for a long time I think it says made by Fukagawa and the character …

Chinese Porcelain Boy with Instrument Age? 
Could you possibly help with the age of this piece? Thank you so much.

pear shaped vase with ming mark 
Hi Peter Here is a vase with a ming reign mark. I am not sure whether this vase is new or not - the footring has orange burn marks from firing (between …

Japanese Imari serving Bowl 
Have spent lots of time looking at Imari on the internet but can't seem to figure out what time period or style this bowl is. it is approx. 10-1/4" in …

Bowl Antique 
Dear Peter , Could you please help me to identify these items ? Thanks again Best Regards Budi Syam

Dear Peter, I have a plate and some things I do not know its type. Could you please help me to identify these items ? Thanks. Best regards …

Dear Peter, I am happy to find your website. Because I have some antiques in my home. But I do not know the type and age, fake or genuine. And you are …

Jar Chinese 
Dear Peter , I really appreciate your advice earlier. Please help me to identify this Jar. Best Regards Budi Syam

Fell in love with the bowl in a second hand shop in the mid Seventies. In recent years Google helped me identify most of my stuff. This bowl does not …

engraved owner marks 
Hello I have two little plates, brought from China to Lorient by the French East Indies Company, during XVIIIth century. These plates are very simple, …

early ching blue and white 
Hi Peter, here are some more close up pictures, thanks.

Plate and Jar 
Hi Peter, I have 2 items, one plate and one jar . Please help me to identify these items. Thanks and Best Regards, Syam

Chinese? Painted Bowl No Marks 
The shape is not exactly round but a bit scalloped. Looks like hand painted but the green is definitely transfer. Not sure if it is porcelain or stoneware? …

Blue and white small flask 
Also I am interested to know date and period of this small flask, and what it is to be used for. Thank you.

three smaller blue and white saucers and a small vase 
I would appreciate to learn from you date and period of the saucers and vase on the photograph. Thank you

can you tell me about this basin 
dear peter hello these pho for blue and white ceramic basin with 10 butterflies and two birds,what do you think? kind regard mohammed

early ching blue and white 
Hi Peter, It has been awhile since l posted, sorry, but I always enjoy what others post, so here is my latest addition to my collection, please let my …

Antique Asian Vase 
I am trying to get some information regarding my antique vase. I do know that it is very old having been in my family for over 60 yrs. Is it Chinese or …

Help With Impressed Mark On Chinese Porcelain Buddha Statue  
I found many similar ones in different sizes, details and paints. I am usually wrong but mine looks like well casted and decorated. I don't see a lot of …

chinese marks 
could someone tell me about the three marks I have

chinese plate 
could anyone tell me about this item

Chinese or Japanese? 
Hi Peter, I have two rice bowls, one with lid has metal trimmed. Please help me to identify these items. Thanks, Arnon

Chinese Plate 
Hi Peter This plate was bought in China about 20 years ago. The purchaser was told that it was very old. I would appreciate your opinion on the age …

6. White dragon ewer 
Dear Peter, I doubt about this dragon ewer seems like fake, whats your mind? Best Regards, Kenny

5. Ming/Song Celadon? 
Dear Peter, Whats your mind about this Celadon? my feeling say it's a fake. Best Regards, Kenny

3. White Blue Ming Bowl? 
dear Peter, This is the third object it is very nice, but is it an orginal or fake? Best Regards, Kenny

1. Orgin Song jarlet/ewer? 
Dear Peter, This is one of six "antique" objects that last week a collector offer me. But before I buy it, I still need your coments about these objects. …

2. Nice Bowl 
Dear Peter, This is the second object I got from a collector, Whats your mind? Best Regards, Kenny

Yixing ? Teapot - Gathered huge interest on eBay but I now have it back ! 
Hi there, I need some help in IDing a Chinese terracotta teapot, it has engraved markings throughout along with an impressed mark to the base and underneath …

Red clay cyclinder vase carved dragon 
Hi peter i forgot i had this on from along time ago. And never was able to figure out age Thought maybe 1950-1970. Is that correct Thanks once again …

Large Blue and White Saucer 
Hi Peter, I'd appreciate your opinion on this large saucer, which i think, may be dating from the 17th century. Could you please tell me more about …

chinese rose family umbrella stand 
Hello Peter, Thank you for your previous response. I attach some photos of an umbrella stand and I am curious to know if it is an antique or a vintage …

Tim Again 
That picture is lousy, so let me send a better one for veiwing. Chinese porcelin.

Can You Identify this mark? 
My mom-in-law bought this set in the 70's in interior China. I couldn't find the mark online, can you help?

Chinese porcelain figurine  
I have three different men-they look like they may be priests because they all have beads and hats and long braids down their back...What is their history? …

chinese pot 
Is this an old chinese piece or a new one? Thank you again.

chinese vase II 
This is the second vase.

chinese vase 
Hello Peter, I have bought some chinese pieces and I would like to know your opinion concerning their age and origin. Thank you in advance. Simonne …

Kangxi wucai six charecter marks. Authentic  
Wucai porcelain wine cup/tea bowl, decorated in underglaze blue. There is a 6-character Kangxi mark in underglaze blue to the base, but the cup is …

Oriental Plate ? origins 
Hi, I inherited this pretty plate from relatives and told it was an interesting piece. Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to get any further details …

Oriental pottery  
Hi Peter, I have Oriental pottery Three wise Monkeys candle holder. It is enamel very thick surface. Please help me to identify the age. Regards, …

foo dog need help 
Hey Peter I bought this dog at plea market and on bottom have stamp mark of Univesity museum Philladelphia Is it authentic Chinese foodog ? Please …

Goldfish bowl 
Hello Peter, Looks like I missed putting photo up on asking advice on this item. Kind regards Flo.

closer photos for famlle Rose Plate 
Hello, I have close up photos as needed for more info. Thank you.

I think these porcelains with ancient seals are modern. Do you think it too? 
Hello, I am a beginner and I do not know much about antique porcelain. I bought these two porcelain vases because I found beautiful, intact and cheap. …

Chinese blue and white bowl 
Hi Peter, I have blue and white Chinese bowl. There is no mark on it. Please help me to identify this. Thanks, Ping

Ginger Jar Info Please 
Hi there, I bought a ginger jar /teapot(?) and would like to know it's age, value and purpose. It looks like a ginger jar but has a detachable brass spout …

Identification of old plate 
Hello, I have this plate which am hoping you can give a of age if possible. I got it by chance from a gentleman who had the most amazing collection of …

Chinese porcelain 
Hi Peter, I would like to buy these items from local antique shop. Could you please help me to identify about the age. Thanks Ping

Antique Clay Teacups 
My aunt gave me these teacups and I can't find the markings of them anywhere. I was wondering if someone can tell me who was the manufacturer is, date, …

Just wondering if this is anything interesting 
This is my mums and she has had this for as long as I can remember and she was wondering if it was of any interest Thank you for any info giver …

mille fleur pot with dragon 
Helle Peter, this pot is marked at the bottum with a (gold) fish and 4 characters. The dragon has 5 toes. Could it be chinese or is it japanese or thai …

can you define this ceramic lamp 
dear peter these pho for ceramic lamp stand what is your openion? kind regard mohammed

Chinese or Japanese? 
Hi Peter, The blue and white teapot with wood handle. There is no marks on it. Is this Chinese or Japanese? I looks like Japanese for me. Thanks, …

Satsuma earthware vase large. Hope someone can identify 
I wasnt sure if you expert on japanese or someone would know. On this site Depicts warriors on side is this late 19th century - early 20th century. …

Chinese cup and saucer identification 
hello - Can anyone identify the attached picture of a tea cup and saucer with a Chinese pattern on. More information on when they were made would be great. …

Chinese Bowl- Underwater Scene Period??? 
Hi everyone, I just picked up this bowl at a flea market and was curious if anyone could give me some information on its age and possibly value. I …

Ginger jar blue and white SIGNED ming period is this piece correct 
Thanks just wondering if this is correct period jar Thanks once again.

Small. Ginger jar. Old ming period small jar 
Is this also original period piece What does markings say Thanks once again

Small blue and white jar. Duble circle 
Hi peterdoes the double circle mean 19th century Hope you can help thanks again

Unknow celadon small tea pot 
Hi may i ask if you have any idea of this tea pot and is this an authentic song dynasty celadon? the seller say it was came from digging in province. …

Guangxu large vase 
Hi Peter, I have recently purchased a large vase with a guangxu mark - H 50cm, W 40com with base 24cm. Is this made in early 20th century? Would be great …

Is this authentic? 
Looking for someone that can let me know if this is authentic Xing dynasty ginger jar, reproduction or fake. Anyone that may have an idea, please …

Is this Chinese ? Modern? 
Hello again & Thank you....Is this Chinese ? Modern ?

Why are Some pieces Crackle finish, not over Complete piece, as in your example? 
Hello, & Best Regards, Why do some pieces have Crackle finish, but not completely over entire piece? as in your example. Thank you

Is this Chinese mark? 
Hi Peter The crackle glaz jar,Is this Chinese mark? Regards, Ping

Blue and White again 
Peter. Your comments are much appreciated. Can you help with this plate, pls? 18 cm. Sandy rough parts on the base.

Large (Chinese?) Jar from Borneo. 
I bought this large jar some time ago. Grateful for any information.

Stem cups 
Hello, Can anyone help with information on this stem cup please? There is a language barrier between myself and the Malaysian tea shop owner, so I know …

mirror gold paint 
it's to my understanding that many restorers of china and porcelain have a hard time finding good quality gold paint with the exact look of the gold used …

Antique Chinese famille rose white crackle glaze tea jar caddy Buddhist emblem 
purchased from antique seller, already sent supposed kangxi marks, now sending a picture of tea jar.

Cricket box - 19th century? 
This is another interesting piece I recently found. It is a large cricket box with a delightful scene of children playing. The jar is about 4 1/2 inches …

Looking for age autentication for "min yao" dish 
I posted a photo of this dish on the Asian Art board and got this reply It is about 4 1/2 inches by 1 1/4 inch in size. "I think this is genuinely …

Blue and White. How old? 
This plate was sold to me as Ming years ago in Malaysia. Always had doubts ....low price for a start. 15 centimetres.

Tea pottery 
I ha e a tea pottery and indont know its age,i want to know it and also its price

unusual bowl with cutout in top edge for thumb? 
I found this bowl at a local thrift shop and didn't pay much for it, but was wondering if you could tell me more about what it is or where it is from. …

Yellow Vase with cobalt blue flowers 
Here are better pictures of the yellow vase with blue flowers as well as the mark. Thank you for your help and it does help to date the piece. If you …

pair of old chinese vases 
hi hope someone can tell me if these are real old Chinese vases they have been in my family for a long time

Date of Porcelain and what province 
I have a Yellow Vase with royal blue flowers and I can't seem to find out anything about it. Can anyone tell me the approximate date and what province …

Hi peter i have seen a few similiar on line some say early repblic others say mid century hope you can clarify thanks so much

Blue and white bowl 
Hi, I was wondering if you would happen to know more information about the chinese bowl. Is this a fake? Thanks, Linda

chinese plate 
Hi Peter, I recently acquired a plate from a friend. the design is above the glaze and also the mark... I read some articles online that during the …

Japanese cup insignia help! 
I've had this cup in my collection for some time and am trying to identify the mark on the bottom. It has 2 crossed flags. The cup has upside down butterflies …

Advice & Comments Please 
Hello, Kindly help to share some advice & comments on attached photos. A Vase that was pass down from Grandmother 30 yrs ago. Does the vase & …

Unknown mark on Chinese platter 
Dear fellow art lovers! My grandparents moved from Suriname to the Netherlands in the fifites. When they were still living in Suriname, they got a present …

Small vase unusual color. Is this 19th century  
Hi peter this i also in my collection. Is this circa 1900 or older And is their a name for its use. Or was just decorative piece Thanks

Blue and white small handle jar Ganxi 
Hi peter this is another interesting small piece is original period or fake Thank you

Little blue and white with chinese charcter mark 
Hi peter i jst aquird this little blue and white and has different markings then any i have This is ming period piece as well Thank you

Perhaps Ming 
I bought this vase in Borneo 20 years ago. Said to be Ming. Can you help Please?

Paper logo on the bottom of a Ginger Jar. 
I recently purchased a Ginger that had a red marking and a paper logo seal on the bottom of it. I have identified the red marking but cannot interpret …

I need a little help with a few finds 
A couple of the items listed have been in my family and some are from finds at garage sales. I need some help identifying these pieces. Any information, …

Chinese or Japanese? 
Hi Peter, Could you please help me to identify this marked? Is it Chinese or Japanese? Thanks, Ping

18th century small bowl chinese blue and white  
Hi peter i wondering if you can give me your insight on this piece Is this actually ming dynasty Size: Height 7.70 cm Width 7.70 cm Length …

Original or fake..? 
Dear Peter, Please help to identifying this.. Original or Fake..? Thank you

Old bowl with hand painted cranes  
Old chinese bowl with crane 11 cm long. Across Are these antique Or fake Hope someone can help Thanks

Ovely little blueand white chinesepiece 
Any idea about this piece size:6.6*2.4*1.4inches Thanks so much. Hope you can help

Hope some one can identify age of this piece  
Hi peter Would you know the age of this Lovely jar Sizes about: weight 500g, top 5.7cm, base 9.2cm, height 12.8cm, diameter 12cm Thanks once …

Unusual Mark on Chinese Vase 
Hi, Vase belonged to my Mother who passed away last year , aged 90. Would like to know if the vase attached and the markings are authentic Cheers, Duncan …

Lare famille rose vase can youtell me its age  
Hi peter. I aquired also this lovely famille rose vase 10 1/2 inches tall glazed bottom with blemishes And unglazed footing Itappears to me. …

antique vase 
Hi This is abour 6 inches tall and has been in my family for at least 80 years. Any idea if it is genuine?

chinese vase 
hi can you please help me to identify this Chinese vase and is it worth something thanks a lot regards yezdi sagar

Just a pretty jar? 
Can you tell me if this is just a pretty jar or something more?

Hi peter is this chinese. The large ruffled bowl 
Hi peter is this chinese ? And age? Looks 19th century chinese ? Hope you can help

The marking is this late ming dynasty  
Hi peter is this marking also late ming dynasty Hope you can help Thanks so much

Hope someone could tell my what this says. Chinese charectors 
Hope someone can tell me what this says.

Antique Asain Plate ID Help! 
I need help identifying this plate and stamp on the back. I can usually find info on old porcelain but having trouble with this one.. Any help would be …

Help ID Mark On Heavily Decorated Ruffled Plate 
Hi, i have that plate that is decorated with paint, gilt and enamel? beads( not sure what is the term for this type of decoration) that i am trying to …

Close up pics of vase.  
Hope this pics ok let me know. If the pics ok to determin age thanks peter

Pair of lovely chinese vases can you identify for me  
Iw as wondering about these lovely vases Would you know if they are actually antique ? Or. Fake Hope someone can help Thanks

Unusual mark on gourd shaped small chinese piece  
ming dynasty jiajing reign mark Appears its be re decorated to try increase value ? It would have been plain gourc with simple light blue decoration …

Chinese bowl metal 
Hi, Am interested in learning about this recently acquired bowl. It is made of metal with painted pictures of children.It weighs approx 1.5kg. any help …

Another Real or fake Liu Yucen vases? 
I have a another Liu Yucen vase. I believe it is from 1942. Is it fake or real? Any idea from inscription when it was produced if real? Joe

Real or fake Liu Yucen vases? 
I have a pair of Liu Yucen vases. I believe they are from the Guiwei year, 1943. Are they fake or real?

I forgot i had this piece as well my research came up early republic 1900-1920 Would that be correct Thanks so much

Hi peter i have seen this mark often is this 18th century  
I have seen this mark alot recently is it actually antique chinese or fake. It looks like a leaf I was looking to buy a few. Pieces with this mark …

Large blue and white bowl.  
I recently purchased this huge blue and white bowl Is this 1850-1890. Thanks. Again And reading other posts have been so helpfull Thank …

Chinese or Japanese? 
Hi Peter, I have trinket plate, it has marked on the back. Is this Chinese or Japanese? Any idea about the age? Thanks, Ping

Large old planter that is old glaze and high quality paint work  
I like to know what chinese charactors say. And if this piece its. Age My research shows its 1930-1940 is this correct? 9 inches tall 10 1/2 inches …

Old small ginger jar appears 1900-1890. Love to know age  
I found this recently Like to know if its turn of the century the glaze and hand work is old and looks like other 19th century pottery wondering if chinese …

Small 19th18th century famille chinese piece  
I have recently aquired this very small famille Piece any way of dating was told it was 18th /19th Measures 2 1/2 inches high Thanks

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