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Cobalt Blue Floral HP signed Ashtray

by vjcostello

I have had this for some time and purchased it from a second hand store in SoCal that sells pieces from estates that have been donated to them. It looks to be an ashtray. It is hand painted. It is a very deep cobalt blue and not a chemical blue as you have mentioned before and in your Ebook, which by the way is a wonderful help to me and I just purchased it yesterday. I wish I had purchased it sooner.
Back to the item. You can feel the raised paint under the glaze. It has been broken and someone tried to make a repair, not a very good one.
I just would like to know if it is old and of course if you recognize the mark on bottom.

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by: peter

Doesn't look Chinese to me, and I do not know the mark. Could it be Japanese? that would be more likely, but if it weren't for the mark it could also be western.
Basically, as far as I know the Chinese did smoke pipes - long pipes with a small head. This would be more likely to be for cigarettes or cigars which means it would be unlikely an older Chinese item. The ash tray could be older than the custom of smoking cigarettes here. Not sure about the Japanese, though, in this respect.
Maybe someone else can comment...

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