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Porcelain age signs as seen in Chinese ceramics
Porcelain age signs indicative of the age of china porcelain and ceramics
Porcelain marks and potter's marks on Chinese ceramics
Porcelain marks and potter's marks on Chinese ceramics
Antique Porcelain Marks and Pottery Marks
Antique porcelain marks and pottery marks on Chinese ceramics
Iridescence of ceramics
Iridescence in Chinese ceramics, toxic contents of early and later glazes
Novice Collector of Chinese Porcelain *
Tips for the novice collector of Chinese porcelain
Antique Porcelain Authentication and Identification
Antique porcelain authentication and identification of Chinese ceramics
Identifying Chinese Porcelain and Ceramics
Identifying Chinese porcelain and ceramics, and their possible age
Antique Appraisal and Appraiser Service
Antique appraisals or valuations can help the collector with new information on his collectibles
Value of Antiques - perceived antique china value
Value of antiques, or how the perceived antique china value is affected by various factors like selling venues, condition, rarity, demand
Chinese 60 Year Cyclic Calendar - the sexagenary calendar
The Chinese cyclic calendar used most on dated ceramics is the 60 year cyclic calendar
Chinese History Timeline - Chronology of China History *
Chinese history timeline, a chronology of China history
Chinese Emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties *
Chinese emperors, the Chinese dynasties of the Ming and Qing dynasty and their emperors
Antique Porcelain Reproductions
Antique porcelain reproductions and fakes of antique Chinese ceramics made in China
Fake antique porcelain and other fake antiques
What you must know about fake antique porcelain from China. Fake antiques are flooding the antique markets
Porcelain Age Faking Methods
What you must know about porcelain age faking methods of china, and how to avoid buying a fake
European Porcelain Copies of Chinese Decorations - Chinoiserie
Chinoiserie - European porcelain copies of Chinese decorations
Buying Antique Porcelain *
Buying antique porcelain made in China requires some prior research to avoid buying fake porcelain
Antique Chinese Porcelain - Buying Tips
Guide to antique Chinese porcelain buying - what to consider when purchasing china and glazed pottery
Buying Fake Antiques and the Buyer's Attitude *
Buying fake antiques - fakes from China are flooding the world's antique markets
Introduction to Collecting Chinese Porcelain - Ebook
Introduction to Collecting Chinese Porcelain - Ebook Guide for Collectors of Chinese Pocelain
Porcelain Collections Around the World
Major Chinese Porcelain Collections of the World, in the East and West
Porcelain Care & Cleaning
Porcelain care and cleaning tips
Porcelain Repair and Restoration
Porcelain repair or china repair is more than just sticking broken pieces together
Proper Packaging for Shipping Porcelain
Shipping porcelain requires proper packaging
Chinese tea culture and tea wares, Yixing tea wares *
Chinese tea culture - tea preparation and social interaction
Chinese Calendar and Imperial Year Notation *
Chinese calendar and traditional year notation - calendars of old, the imperial year and 60-year cyclic calendar
Chinese zodiac calendar and its zodiac signs *
The most famous kilns of the Song dynasty
Chinese Art and Craft Motifs
Art and craft motifs used in Chinese porcelain decoration
Chinese Antiques Porcelain Marks and Other Markings
Chinese antiques porcelain marks and pottery marks
Dated Porcelain
Dated porcelain is mostly having its source in the later 19th century
Pottery and Porcelain - China Porcelain and Old Time Pottery
Pottery and porcelain of China -- the difference between old time pottery and porcelain
Handling Ceramics Safely
Handling ceramics safely and tips for holding china porcelain
Scientific authentication of antique Chinese ceramics
Scientific authentication of antique Chinese ceramics using spectrometry and thermoluminescence dating
Decoration Types of Chinese Ceramics
Types of Porcelain Decorations - Ming and Qing dynasties
Buying Antiques Online *
Buying Antiques Online, online auctions, antique buying online, customs duty
Swatow wares - controversy of their origin
Zhangzhou and the controversy of the origin and name of Swatow wares
Blue pigments used in Chinese porcelain - Sumali, Sunibo
Blue pigments used in Chinese porcelain - Sumali, Mohammedan blue, Sunibo, domestic mined pigments
Chinese Export Porcelain and Decorative Styles
Chinese export porcelain and other decoration styles
Chinese Language Reign Names
Chinese language reign names of the Ming and Qing dynasty emperors
Baba Nyonya Peranakan Porcelain of the Straits Chinese *
Nyonya or Peranakan porcelain, thecolorful Straits Chinese porcelain
Kraak Porcelain
Kraak porcelain is a pattern exported to Europe in the Ming dynasty
Chinese Imari Porcelain
Chinese Imari Porcelain - what is it? A china pattern from the early Qing dynasty
Antique dishes - Chinese dishes and plates
Antique dishes - visible age characteristics on antique plates and dishes
Antique China or Antique Porcelain *
Antique china or antique porcelain? Both mean the same in English speaking areas
Antique China Patterns made for export and use in China
Antique china patterns on export porcelain and other patterns of chinese ceramics
Shipwreck Ceramics and the Ancient China Trade
Ancient shipwreck ceramics explain trading relations in Southeast Asia
Imperial quality porcelain and imperial ceramics
The difference between imperial quality porcelain and imperial porcelain
Ceramics Packaging - How NOT to do it *
Ceramics Packaging - How not to do it . Avoid improper packaging of china
International Trading of Porcelain- Buying and Selling Abroad
International trading, buying and selling of porcelain and other antiques abroad
Yuan Dynasty Ceramics and Shufu porcelain
Yuan dynasty ceramics and porcelain when China was under Mongol rule, Shufu porcelain, first underglaze blue ceramics, blue and white preference of the Mongols
Thermoluminescence Dating of Chinese Ceramics - TL Dating
Thermoluminescence Dating of Chinese Ceramics - TL Dating theory
Laser Ablation Spectrometry of Chinese ceramics - spectre analysis
Laser ablation spectrometry or spectrometric analysis is used for authentication of Chinese antique ceramics. It allows to identify a large number of elements contained in ceramics
Yixing Pottery and Tea Wares
Yixing pottery or zisha clay used in tea wares, teapots, cups, jars and tea trays zhusha clay, etc.
Antique China Categories - Collectible Porcelain Types
Antique china categories - Chinese porcelain types suitable for collecting
Chinese Porcelain Making
The process of Chinese porcelain making in pictures
Jingdezhen - porcelain metropolis of China
Jingdezhen, the porcelain porcelain of China has a history of over a thousand years
Chinese Porcelain Figurines
Chinese porcelain figurines and their use in China's culture
China export restrictions of cultural objects *
China export restrictions on cultural objects and antique art and crafts
Batavia and Batavia ware
Batavia was the headquarters of the Dutch Eastindia Company (VOC) in Asia. All Dutch trade was running through this port, whether regional or to Europe. Batavia ware is a porcelain decoration
Eight Friends of Zhushan
Eight Friends of Zhushan - a group of famous porcelain painters of China, from the 19th to the 20th century
Qianjiang porcelain - porcelain painting style in an old tradition
Qianjiang porcelain - a new life in an old tradition. Classical paintings on porcelain
Other Sites Worth Visiting
Other sites worth visiting, related to ceramics, antiques or Chinese culture
Antiques Roadshow
Antiques Roadshow, antiques and popular entertainment. Watch the Antiques Roadshow in China online
Chinese Porcelain Marks and Antique Pottery Marks
Identifyng Chinese porcelain marks and antique pottery marks on antique porcelain. A selection of Ming, Qing and early republic antique marks
Chinese Symbolism in Arts and Crafts
Chinese symbolism in the traditional arts and crafts
China Antiques Search - site search by keyword
China antiques search - site search by keyword
Zheng He and the largest trading fleet ever on earth
Zheng He and the largest trading fleet the world ever saw -during the reign of Ming emperor Yongle
Chinese holidays and the Chinese Calendar *
Chinese holidays and the Chinese calendar in traditional society
Jian wares - Tenmoku tea bowls and hare's fur bowls
Jian wares -Tenmoku tea bowls and hare's fur bowls
Antique China Marks (a comparison) *
Antique china marks and their use for identification and dating - a comparison
Packing China Properly *
Packing china and ceramics properly
Porcelain Packaging - avoiding the worst
Porcelain packaging - avoid the worst from happening
Detecting Age Faking - How to detect some faking methods
Detecting Age Faking - details to some faking methods
Post Parcels and Customs Duty for Antiques *
Post parcels and customs duty - proper declaration and no import tax
Antiques Value - China Antique Value of Chinese Ceramics
China antiques value. How to find the antique value of ceramics and antique china
Chatter marks on Chinese porcelain from the Ming dynasty
Chatter marks are mainly found on Chinese porcelain from the Ming dynasty
Collectable or not -- What to collect or not to collect
Collectable or not -- Discerning what to collect and what not to collect, chamber pots, spitoons, epitaphs, funeral ware
Exceptional Reign Marks - Late Qing Dynasty and Republic
Exceptional reign marks from the end of Qing dynasty and early republic
Identifying Antiques -- recognizing antique Chinese porcelain
Identifying antiques - tips for novice collectors - How to learn identifying Chinese porcelain and pottery
Online Appraisal of Chinese Ceramics
Online appraisal or conventional appraisal of Chinese ceramics?
Ming ban - the sea prohibition and piracy
The Ming ban - Chinese pirates and the Ming sea prohibition
Antique valuation of chinese porcelain
Antique valuation of chinese antique porcelain
Antique identification - Chinese antique ceramics
Antique identification or valuation of Chinese antique ceramics
Tea Drinking in China
Tea drinking in China - a social habit
Selection of mostly older (pre-Ming) Chinese and a few Korean ceramics from the Winti collection
Winti Gallery of Chinese ceramics
Far Eastern Ceramics Gallery
More examples from the same collection
Discussion forum for the Identification of Chinese ceramics
Discussion forum for the Identification of Chinese ceramics (English)

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