Porcelain Collections from Around the World

Publicly accessible major Chinese porcelain collections in museums and other
places. These consist mostly either of items from imperial kilns or high-quality porcelain from private kilns.

Major Collections Location Website
National Palace Museum  Taipei, Taiwan The National Palace Museum contains probably the second largest collection of Chinese imperial porcelain in the world. 
Palace  Museum Beijing, China Museum located in the old Forbidden City
Shanghai Museum Shanghai, China Shanghai Museum
National Museum Beijing, China en.chnmuseum.cn
Ashmolean Museum
Oxford, U.K. https://www.ashmolean.org
British Museum
London, U.K. Sir Percival David Collection, located in the British Museum
Fitzwilliam Museum
Cambridge, U.K. https://www.fitzmuseum.cam.ac.uk/
Victoria & Albert Museums London, U.K. Chinese porcelain collection
East Asia Museum
Stockholm, Sweden  https://www.ostasiatiskamuseet.se/en
Ceramics Museum Princessehof Netherlands

Asian Ceramics Colllections:
  • Gemeentemuseum
  • Groninger Museum
  • Rijksmuseum

Den Haag

Princessehof Online Collection


Guimet Museum
Paris, France https://guimet.fr

Boston Museum of Fine Arts Boston, USA https://www.mfa.org/
Brooklyn Museum New York, USA https://www.brooklynmuseum.org/
Metropolitan Museum New York, USA Chinese Ceramics
Topkapi Palace Istanbul, Turkey At the end of the important trade routes with China, the Topkapi Palace museum possibly houses the largest collection of Song and Yuan ceramics outside China.


Please use search engines for finding the current website URLs. Museums frequently change their websites without forwarding links to the new pages.


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