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Export Plates

by Andy

All three

All three

Hi again Peter. Just thought I might pick your brains about some more plates I recently bought for pennies at a Car Boot Sale. They came from the same seller I can only assume they were part of somebodies collection at some point. They all look to be 18th Century export ware. The famille rose plate is I am sure Yongzheng or there abouts. The Imari palette one is a bit plain but nice condition and a more unusual Fish/ Carp plate. My first question is, would there be an easy way to date a Chinese Imari export plates as its one thing I get slightly confused with. The second and main question is regarding the Fish plate. I have not seen one similar to this and wondered if you had? Could you hazard a guess at the period? Its a very pretty little plate about the usual size and form ( 9 inches)and the fish are all gilded. There also seem what appears to be sea shells and a strange design in blue right in the middle. I Wondered what it was supposed to be? A symbol? Anything you can tell me would be very much appreciated. Kind regards Andy

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by: peter

You will have to take what you can get, or make them yourself using wood. Size depends on the plate and better do not use too small ones if a plate seems shaky. I use some acrylic ones because they are transparent, but there are many types. If the stand size and proportions is right a plate will not easily fall.

Thank you
by: Andy

Hi Peter, that's perfect and thanks once again for all your help. Just one more thing, I have got so many plates now just wrapped in boxes that don't see the light of day. I just wondered how you display plates yourself? I have seen some stands on the net and in shops but some don't look all that stable. Can you tell me what type/ style to go for? Many thanks Andy

three export plates
by: peter

Hi Andy,
The pictures are a bit small and there are onlz details of one. I assume the bottom is of that one?
No, never seen this type of decoration before. Looks like a mix of Imari and other fencai decoration. That thing in the middle is just a floral decoration, I think. Around Yongzheng to Qianlong, perhaps.
Just from the single small picture the decoration of the left top plate looks like a more regular Imari plate with floral/garden decoration. If the other bottoms are also 18th century it would be earlier, perhaps Kangxi reign. The one on the right would be perhaps Yongzheng to Qianlong reign, judging by this picture. All of them 18th century, three reigns period (Kangxi, Yongzheng, Qianlong), however more exact dating is difficult.
Good find!

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