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huge Wucai Wanlin Chinese porcelain plate

by Andrea


here a very large (diameter 61 cm) plate colored in wucai style, marked Wanling. I know it is not of the Ming period, but I would like to know the date of it. There are some cooking faults on the mark and under the plate

Very thanks


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Wucai dragon phoenix charger
by: peter

Hi Andrea,

It is difficult to tell anything with these pictures alone. A lot more pictures of details and bottom would be needed, but even then I could not be sure from when it is, perhaps. Wucai is a porcelain type that is relatively difficult to authenticate, and there are many fakes and even old copies made in Japan, etc. I would also want to look at the foot rim and glaze with a magnifying glass, I think.

Over 60cm? That is probably the largest charger I have ever heard off. In old times this may have been extremely difficult to fire.
Unless you have a very good provenance for this, you should be prepared that it might not be very old. As I mentioned, in the distant past it might have been difficult producing something this size. I also think the shape is a bit off the normal for an item of this type. Also, some of the colors, especially the blue and green, appear a bit too light in these pictures, compared to older Wucai items.

I would suggest you try to find someone who is able to do a hands-on inspection in your area.

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