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A Guide to Identification of Genuine Antique Porcelain

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134 pages, A4 size
133 color photographs
Revised edition

Introduction to Antique Chinese Porcelain

This is the first introductory e-book on the market with information regarding the identification of antique Chinese porcelain.
Most ceramics books tell you much about how antique ceramics look, their history, etc., but for the aspiring collector there are always two huge questions looming when it comes to Chinese antiques:  What is genuine and not fake, and how do you know how old it is? An estimated 95-99% of Chinese "antique" ceramics on the market today are fake antiques.
How do you know what to look for to verify antiques? This book will give the essential answers to many questions - to get you started on the path to a Chinese porcelain collection.

  • This ebook intends to keep you from wasting money on fake items which have no collecting value. It provides information to prepare you to make the right purchasing decisions.
  • It also helps you with identification after you bought. The book gives you important points of reference, enabling you to learn from the antiques that you already own (or any Chinese antiques to which you have access to) in order to recognize possible authenticity problems. 
  • The book gives you the initial knowledge for identifying genuine antiques and learn about the characteristics of fakes. Do not get cheated with those easy to recognize fakes again.

Benefit from straightforward, easy to understand information
get started quickly with Chinese antiques!

For whom is this book?  
  • Novice collectors
  • Collectors learning their first collection of Chinese porcelain.
  • Yes, there are also some tips and details for more experienced collectors and antique dealers.

Find what every collector needs to know, in one place:
  • Find all the essential information in one book - suitable for novices and established  collectors of Chinese antiques.
  • With more and larger illustrations 
  • All relevant issues in a condensed version, to get you started right away.

Contains a checklist to help you recognize signs of age faking.

Is it for you?

No guide book on Chinese ceramics is more suitable for budding collectors.
The valuable information you find in this book will help you decide if collecting Chinese ceramics is for you.
Learn about the problems and difficulties involved before you spend a lot of your time and hard earned money on fakes.

Ask yourself if ...
  • you want simple, straightforward explanations to get started?
  • you have been browsing the web for hours and hours for relevant information without finding it?
  • you want to make sure that the information is always available, even offline?

Then, this e-book is just the right thing for you!

Even if you are already involved in Chinese ceramics, you will find many hints and tips regarding the 'whys' and 'hows' of Chinese porcelain. 

  • Want to get info and tips in short format?
  • Don't have time to search weeks and months for answers, only to to discover that there are none, or still much more time is needed to find the information?

Want to save time and not waste it in often futile searches for the essential information ?

  • All relevant issues in a condensed version, the quick-start solution to get you on track right away.

Recover the expense for this book easily by applying what you learn when you buy antique porcelain.

Benefit from the first introductory book on the subject

Get instant access to information that it would take months of research to acquire on your own!

And if you are not 100% happy with your order
you can get a full refund within 30 days! 

Edition 2016:  18.90

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