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Unknown mark on plate

by Camiel

Dear Peter,

Here are some xtra photos. Many thanks!



Your original answer:

Qing dynasty plate
by: peter

This is a Qing dynasty plate. The decoration looks like Kangxi, and it has a Kangxi mark, but the mark itself could be from later (Guangxu reign), as it has only four characters.

To check wether it is a Kangxi period item or later a good close-up picture of the bottom would be needed.
Not from straight up like the current one, but from an angle. Subject for checking are the shape of the foot rim and the surface (any blemishes, depressions, etc.) of the glaze area within the foot rim should be visible. - See more at:

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by: peter

Judging by the pictures showing the foot rim it is probably a late Qing dynasty plate. The rim shape looks different from a Kangxi foot rim. As already mentioned, Kangxi four character marks are mostly found on late Qing export porcelain.

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