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High grade fakes

by stan
(milwaukie Oregon)

Hi Peter, recently I put some porcelain vases and and a brush pot on your site, Thank you for all your help, The items I recently bought are fakes, I just found out, I bought them as antiques but they are the best fakes, I have ever seen, I found a site on ebay, a dealer that is selling the same porcelain items I bought at an antique store, for pennies to the dollar of what I paid, again buyer beware the site I found on ebay is hehuan (490) He has nice items although he dose not say they are antique he says instead hard to find item, I was blown away when I found them, if it was real they would not be shipping out of china, the old say is true, If it is to good to be true then probably isn't, down below very high end fakes, the best I have ever seen.

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good information
by: stan

Hi Peter, thanks for your good advice and being there to keep us up to date on whats good and what is not, thanks again. Stan.

fakes on Ebay
by: peter

I'm not surprised, actually. As I said before monochromes are more difficult to evaluate and should be avoided, if possible, unless you have someone at hand who is very knowledgeable in this field. I'm not sure about the blue and white brush washer, though. The decoration could have been added later on a blank or white porcelain body, that is old. The decoration looks as if it were copying Kangxi, not actually Kangxi. Also see my commented added to your last picture with the ladies.

Ebay, the big faker's market:
Hehuan is an user name recognizable as being Chinese. Avoid such sellers. Avoid all sellers selling directly from China. (See "Here is the Truth" on this page But be also on guard if a seller uses a Chinese type user name shipping from the west. They sometimes operate with the help of others living in the US and Europe. And there are the western sellers who believe them, and then resell fakes as genuine items. My apology to the few honest Chinese sellers on Ebay. I know there are a few.
Use the Ebay CA website, not the main site in the US for searching items. There are less of the fakers there, for some reason, and there are many from Europe who have the real thing. In my experience the most of the reliable sellers with genuine items are in the UK, NL and Sweden, in the countries of the former Eastindia Companies, although they offer mostly Chinese export. There are a few good sellers in the US too, but you have to be careful.
Make a list and buy from the same reliable sellers most of the time. Items that are not export porcelain are always a higher risk. Those who have many 'high quality' or 'rare' items are suspicious. Antique items are getting fewer. A collector who regularly visits the British 'antiques week' told me that the dealers there have more difficulties getting items now. The Chinese export of antiques has been closed off, which is probably the main cause.

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