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engraved owner marks

by Patrick
(Lorient, Brittany, France)

I have two little plates, brought from China to Lorient by the French East Indies Company, during XVIIIth century. These plates are very simple, they are probably two "everyday-plates" ...
I am puzzled by engraved identification marks at the back of the plates. I have also seen this kind of engraved mark on the visible face of some plates, during a yard-sale in Lorient.
Please, do you know what are these marks? maybe owners marks?
Best regards

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by: Patrick

Indeed, this is a possibility.
Thanks, Peter

by: peter

This is not export porcelain. It might well be that it was brought abroad much later by emigrants, collectors, etc.

engraved owner marks
by: Patrick

Thank you very much, Peter. Your page about markings is exciting!
Isn't it strange, that the East Indies Company has brought back to Europe secondhand dishes? Moreover, rather usual dishes. Considering the cost of shipping during those days, it is puzzling.

engraved owner marks
by: peter

You are right on both accounts, that is, regarding approximate age and ownership marking.
These items were made throughout the Qing dynasty.

On the following page I mention the purpose of these markings:

They identify the owner. With communal use of porcelain items, the items were returned to their respective owners. Porcelain was precious in those times.

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