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Help Me Identify This Vase

by Charlie

Can someone please help me figure out where this vase was made and if it is anything special?


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by: Charlie

Thanks for your help Peter I really appreciate it!

by: peter

Systematic copying is known from the Ming dynasty. Your jar shows a failed trv at copying design elements specific to the Yuan and Ming dynasties, but the bottom is basically wrong for any of these periods. It was made to look old.
I think this is a 20th century fake. It has no collecting value as a fake, in my view, but I recommend you ask for a second opinion.

by: Charlie

Do you know roughly how long ago people started making fakes? This was inherited from my moms uncle. He got it at least 40 years ago. Would this be value able at all being fake?

by: Charlie

Are there only a few patterns that they used to make pottery during those time periods? Is that why it looks fake because the artwork is not the same?

Thanks for the response!!

Yes, there are inconsistencies, but the bottom itself looks fake too.

by: peter

I think this is a fake made to look antique. The decoration looks like they wanted to fake a Yuan dynasty decoration or Ming decoration, but in incorrect style. The bottom looks also made up to look antique.
My personal view.

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