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Japanese Porcelain

by Elizabeth

It is appropriate to post question about Japanese porcelain here?
If so I have this large bowl that was suggested to me as being Japanese.
It has an interesting double foot ring with a blue line around one of the rings. The spiral patter in the middle is unusual too. Does not look too Asian to me. But since I was told it was probably Japanese that is where I am starting. I found some other blue white Imari bowls with the same type of foot ring. Mine is not signed. I would like to know what are the abstract patterns... they look like clouds and something else. Do you think it is old? To me it looks aged. You can see by the picture with my hand included that it is large. It is like a fruit bowl or center piece.
I got it at a thrift store that in an area of town that has a lot of ethnic diversity.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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plate or bowl
by: peter

Yes, this is likely Japanese.
Apparently it is a modified copy of Chinese decorations:
and Kraak motifs as shown here:

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