what this mark mean?

by Fernando

Hello sir, i have about 3 plates with this same mark , can you tell me what it means? how much in your opinion it worth?
Thanks so much!

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what this mark mean?
by: salam kahil

Lo sentimos, pero no hablamos de valor. Por favor, se "Valor de antigüedades" en el menú izquierdo.

La placa tiene una marca de Qianlong espuria que es sólo para la decoración. La placa es moderno y no antiguo. Sólo antigüedades tienen un valor de recogida.

by: Fernando

Thanks peter. but in the values antiques i cant find any idea of price .... do you think it worth abou 700 usd? thanks

by: peter

Sorry, we do not talk about value. Please se "Value of Antiques" in left menu.

The plate has a spurious Qianlong mark which is for decoration only. The plate is modern and not antique. Only antiques have collecting value.

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