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black bowl

by Salim

Hello Peter, Tim, and everyone
I brought a bowl less than a month ago. This bowl look like "hare's-fur" tea bowl but more shining and include 3 hares like creature picture inside. Is this bowl authentic? Thank you.

More pictures

Best wishes,

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hare's fur
by: Salim

Dear Peter and Tim,
I am grateful for your time and opinion. And I am just a beginner who learn only from computer. and I really appreciated your help.

Best wishes,

Chi-Chou/Zizhou copy
by: Tim

I believe you know what a Hare's Fur bowl looks like and
this isn't one.
This piece is made to "resemble" (I use this word loosely)
a Chi-Chou black (brown) glaze bowl. The Chi-Chou bowls
don't have the spots or splashes on the outside. The inside is usually decorated with a leaf or leaves or simple paper- cut
designs. Yours look much too elaborate in the design and colors. Chi-Chous were made with a buff yellow clay.
Your bowl is a modern imitation and not a fake.

jizhou bowl
by: peter

This bowl shows the decoration of Jizhou wares. I cannot tell for sure if this is authentic. Would need to do hands-on inspection with magnifier.

I don't know if there were ever made Jizhou bowls with such dark a clay. Usually, it would be a lighter, white-yellow color.

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