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Fake Satsuma?

by Vickie

Hello, Is this a fake Satsuma mark? Or what could it be? Thank You So Much!

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Thank You
by: Vickie

Thank you stan day for your comment! I have researched and have come up with nothing. I'm like you I haven't seen, not one red and gold or the mark. Really it's more of a rust color than red. The lady I bought it from was very well off so I know it's not dollar store stuff. I did get Qing Dynasty vases so I'm really puzzled. But, I'll keep searching until I find out. Thanks

by: stan day

Hi Vickie, I have a lot of satsuma porcelain, and I have never seen satsuma in a red and gold color like this, the crackle glaze is made that way , the vase looks like it has some age to it although with this type of glaze it easily made to look old, I think it is new, see if you can find new satsuma that is still being made today.

Thank You
by: Vickie

Thank You Peter for all you do. Maybe someone does know...

by: peter

The mark says indeed "Satsuma". However, as I am not specialized on Japanese porcelain I cannot tell if it is fake or not. Maybe someone else can help...

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