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Chinese Plate

by Jasmine
(Toronto, Canada)

Hi Peter,

I thought I had uploaded the other picture, but evidently it didn't work. May I try again?

This morning I purchased this dish/plate from a local online auction.

I am new to Chinese pottery/ceramics and I was unable to find anything online that looked similar to this. Perhaps it is not Chinese but perhaps Korean or Japanese?

I paid $80CND even though it has a fine crack running top to bottom. I love the unusual scene!

I would very much appreciate your comments about this item - Thanks so much!

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Chinese Plate
by: Jasmine

Hi Peter,
Yes, you are as usual, correct again...I looked at the original online listing again and it was described (along with another small dish) as an "Oriental (Yikes!) Bowl"...
Thanks again!

by: peter

Was this sold as Chinese? Cannot make sure if this was made in China, but the decoration is all Japanese.
I'm not a spcialist in Japanese porcelain, but I see a lot if nowadays. From the colors it could be Kutani, but not sure. Tohe decoration itself looks as if it was not old.

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