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by salim

Hi Peter,
Please give your opinion on this ewer. 27 cm high. Thank you

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more picture
by: salim

Hi Sal,
Here is more picture at your request. thank you.

For Peter, thank you for your help. For bad or good news, I appreciated it.

Best regard,

more pictures please
by: sal kahil

i would like to see more and closer pictures, especially of the base (bottom)and the top (the rim)

by: peter

I have doubts about the authenticity of this.

The banana leaf decoration would be Yuan, but the lotus petal decoration would be early Ming.
To me the blue pigment does not seem to be the right color.
Most important the bottom does not look right for either late Yuan or early Ming. It cannot be later, because then the mentioned bamboo leaf and lotus petal decorations would look different, if later.
My personal view.

additional pictures for ewer
by: salim

Sorry forgot to include detail

here is additional pictures link

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