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Big bowl

by Salim

Hello Peter,
This bowl had been in my collection for few years. My research said it was Ming's. As always I need you and other expert opinion. Dimension is 28 cm diameter and 14 cm high. Thank you.

more detail pictures

Best wishes,

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Big bowl
by: Salim

Hi Peter, Hi Tim,
Thank you both for your positive feedback. At first after I read Peter info (very fast response) I think my bowl date to jiajing, thank for Tim to correct me. Actually I have a problem about gloss which I will present next post. I will now prepare my material. thank you.

Best wishes,

Ming Bowl
by: Tim

Looks right for a Ming bowl. The blue is right too though of the
darker variety. Is this a shipwreck piece? The glaze has lost much
of its gloss. Ming wares are usually pretty glossy for non-wreck
pieces. I feel with the crane motif, gritty foot rim and the dark cobalt blue used this is a Wanli or transitional piece.

by: peter

Appears indeed to be Ming. The foot rim and mark indicate that it could be from the mid-Ming period.
The main picture appears to be a "duanhe", a crane in a circle.
The mark is a "Fugui Jiaqi" mark.

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