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flat piece of porcelain

by Pat


I had sent you a request in early May and appreciated your quick
response. I tried to send pictures but was unable to do so. I
will try again.

The porcelain piece was purchased in Guilin in 1990 in a small
antique shop. I paid around $70.00 U.S. dollars. I was advised
it is from the Chia Ching period.

Some one who has studied Mandarin thinks the word Dali is in the
text. There also appears to be a term of respect.

I do not know if it is actually and would greatly appreciate any
assistance identifying the piece.

Thank you,
Pat McCullough

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Qianjiang porcelain
by: peter

You would have to upload closeup pictures showing parts of the front very near, the left half of the text (will check if the artisan's name or a date is given), and a closer picture of the back.
You can do this in a new submission, or you can post a link to images on Photobucket or another site.

This cannot be Jiaqing period because as far as currently is known this type of porcelain decoration did not yet exist then.

See under "Qianjiang" in the "Sitemap" for more information.

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