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Is this chinese blanc the chine

by Maria
(The Netherlands)

I am curious is this Blanc de Chine? how old can it be?
Any particular? and
what is it worth minimal?

Kind reagards Maria

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by: Tim

I wouldn't call this blanc de Chine unless it was made at Dehua, Fujian province, China. Your figure does not look very detailed and
I'm not sure it's Chinese either. Jingdezhen, China also made completely white figures of humans and animals from the 19th century to the present day.

The easiest way to tell the approximate age of the object is to look
into the hole in the base. If the inside is smooth all around it's
slip cast and not old. If it's Chinese, then it could not be older than the 1950s. If the inside is rough like it was hollowed out by hand
then it's older. If it's Chinese it could be from the late Qing dynasty to the republic period. A much older antique figure would not have a base with a hole in it. Usually it would be completely hollow and some details of the figure would be hand carved and/or applied by hand.

by: peter

It is not possible from these pictures to know for sure whether it is Chinese or Japanese, or other.
However, it looks as if it were mass-produced in a mold.
Antique handmade figurines from China are usually of better quality and detail.

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