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Little blue and white with chinese charcter mark

by Allan hecker
(St catharines )

Hi peter i jst aquird this little blue and white and has different markings then any i have

This is ming period piece as well
Thank you

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jar's mark
by: peter

I did not answer your query regarding the mark of the jar in above pictures. The character "天" means "heaven" and it indicates the "son of heaven" (the emperor).
I know that the mark appears on imperial wares of the Ming dynasty. It is unlikely that it could have been used for any other wares if the mark is actually imperial - not during the Ming dynasty. In other words, as this item does not seem to be of imperial quality (see it is highly unlikely that it is genuine Ming.

(The other comment regarding this specific item is at the bottom of this page.

Crane Bowl
by: peter

>I could See if item Still avaialable and purchase and mail it to you ?
>That was the crackle glaze bowl??? Sorry getten old bad memorry

No Allen, don't buy it if the crane bowl isn't yours already. I wanted you to confirm if what I see on the picture is the glaze line (glaze edge) of the second glaze, the one applied after adding the crane decoration on a plain bowl.

Basically, I have been told that with underglaze decorations no later added decorations can be added in underglaze blue, but your bowl proves my theory that it is actually possible, whereupon the whole is covered by a new transparent glaze.
This is a method of faking, really, but as the second glaze line is clearly visible on this bowl it shows that they were pretty careless.
It also means we need to be double careful; if the second glaze goes down the whole way to the foot it may be more difficult to recognize.

Don't buy it if you haven't already. Later decorations decrease the value of items.

other item
by: peter

Allan, can you confirm what I said regarding your other item, the crane bowl... that there seems to be transparent glaze covering the original glaze partially?
The item is with you so I cannot check.
This is a modification that highly interests me, if it is true, because it confirms a theory I have.

by: peter

Allan, the pictures of above item are much too small. The overall impression is that it 'could' be Ming. But the gray foot ring is also a sign that it could be fake. Difficult to tell with these small pictures.
I would advise to stay away if these pictures are all you can rely on.

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