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As a Chinese-speaking Swiss living in Taiwan I am in a position to see the differences between the antique business here, in the Far East, and in Europe.
One thing that concerns me very much when it comes to Chinese antiques in general is the (overly) trusting attitude with which many new collectors purchase Chinese antiques, especially ceramics. The other is the non-chalant attitude that antique dealers and sellers here (and elsewhere) have in view to fakes and reproductions of Chinese antiques.

In no way am I an expert of Chinese porcelain. This said, I wish to clarify that my knowledge in this respect comes mostly from sources and experiences in the Chinese speaking world, both online and offline. Hopefully, my Chinese language knowledge allows me to contribute some different views to the subject of collecting Chinese antiques. Some things are just very difficult to grasp if you are limited by the Chinese language barrier! Good luck in your collecting efforts!

Purpose of this website

Notes regarding the Chinese language transcription used on this website:

  • All Chinese language terms used in this website are romanized using the Pinyin method according to the Mandarin (standard Chinese) reading/pronunciation.
  • Place names that are better known in their original spelling are left as is (for example: Peking & Hong Kong instead of Beijing & Xiang Gang), or they are given in parantheses.
  • Any personal names are romanized according to the individuals' dialect or personal preferences.

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Above: Kraak charger or basin, diam. 53 cm
Courtesy: W. Troesch


Introduction to Chinese Porcelain