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Any Ideas Please?

by Ian Davenport
(Wolverhampton, England)

Vase - 14cm tall.

Vase - 14cm tall.

I saw this vase yesterday and was astounded byt the quality and weight. I have had a look at 'leaf' marks and the only one I can find is the Kangxi period mark.
The vase is 14cm talland has a very small opening at the top - approx 3mm.
Has anyone any ideas please?

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Meiping inspired shape
by: Tim

Look at the meiping vases of the Ming and Qing dynasties
and you'll see where the potter has drawn his inspiration from.
This is a contemporary piece inspired by a traditional shape.

by: peter

Hi, marks can be copied. This one is located off-center, which is rarely the case with traditional Chinese porcelain.

The unconventional banana leaf decoration, shape and foot rim all point to a modern production date.

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