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Chinese fish bowl

by Jen

This fish bowl was passed down from my husbands deceased aunt and was wondering the value..thank you 20" round

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It was worth a shot :)
by: Jen

Thank you for your just saved my husband and I from hiring an appraiser for this fish bowl and gave us great understanding on Chinese markings :)

Value of fish bowl with marking
by: Jen

Thank you Peter for your input .. What's the going rate for this type if we were to sell it to an antique shop.. Because they were interested in buying it but we didn't know exactly what we had and didn't want to sell a treasure for a low amount..but if your saying that b-2 mark is meaning its a copied version.. I'm guessing not very much..

I was talking about the Chinese character mark. The b-2 is most likely some marking from factory production.
I cannot give you a value, but this is not an antique, as such it has little collecting value for antique collectors. There are lots of such decade old items on the market. Too "young" to be antique, too many to be rare. And, generally said, mostly the decoration of such item is imitating Chinese motifs, but is of lower quality than the genuine antiques.

fish bowl
by: peter

This is a more recent product. Perhaps a few decades at the most. The mark says it is "copying Qianlong porcelain", but it is really far from it.

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