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Antique Chinese Hatstand

by Alice Li
(Chicago, IL)

I became interested in Chinese antique porcelain recently. After some reading and research, I bought this Chinese hatstand online. Is this a Qing antique Chinese Hatstand? I appreciate your help.

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antique hatstand
by: Alice Li

Peter, thanks for your expert opinion. This is very encouraging for a beginner like me.

hat stand
by: peter

Thanks for the additional pictures. I wanted to have a closer look at the bird, and see if a date was mentioned in the writing. There was none.

Late Qing dynasty, Guangxu reign in my view (the same as stated on the certificate). There is no problem with that.

Antique Chinese Hatstand - new link
by: Alice Li

Peter, could you please try this link?

by: peter

Alice, I don't seem to be able to access the pictures with the link and username alone.

I think you need to provide a direct link. That can be copied in Photobucket on the right side, about in the middle, under "Links to share this album".


hat stand
by: peter

This looks indeed as if it were late Qing dynasty.
Unfortunately the pictures are a bit small. I wonder if you could upload larger pictures (partial), or if your pictures were resized during upload, you could upload to a site like Photobucket, etc. and post the link here. The writing, bird and bottom would be of special interest fora closeup view.

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