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wanli wucan vase?

by taylor b
(raleigh north carolina)

Picked a couple of these vases up recently. I am thinking that they are reproductions because the red color is quite watery. Is it legit or not? How much would you estimate their value to be?


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by: Snap

The decoration on your piece is very rough simulation of fish-and-waterweeds decoration found on some middle-Ming wine jars in a few famous collections. This sort of wucai decoration not found on the bottle shape you show.

As Peter says, the mark is a fake and your bottle was made quite recently.

If you post in future, be sure that one of the images is of the entire piece, straight-on, so viewer can have true idea of whole shape.

wucai vase
by: peter

This is a fake in my view. The bottom is not right for any time and Wanli bottoms are different.

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