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Famille rose vase

by Laszlo

I'm back with this 15" beautiful Famille rose vase featuring a Qianlong mark. I don't have illusions about its age but because I couldn't find another example of this pattern online, I would gratefully appreciate any information about it. Actually, I might ruined its probably non-existent value by cleaning its bottom off of the maybe hundreds of years of old dirt with soap and water, as you can observe it on the pictures attached. I also wonder what the B50 mark can
mean? I can't stand thinking on the famous bomber! You know, the shape of the vase....! Sorry!
Best regard!

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Famille rose wase
by: Laszlo

Hi Peter and Stan!
Thank you very much for your comments! I would never ever in a thousand lifetime imagine that objects, especially one like this, have not been "Made in China"! :)
But I am not really disappointed, this is pretty close to what I expected. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
Best regards!

famille rose vase
by: stan

This looks like something made in the U.S, not Chinese at all

by: peter

However dirty it may have been, it is not even vintage in my view.

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