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Chinese Plate? with unknown markings

by Maurice
(Reading, Berkshire, UK)

I have a plate that I think is Chinese. It is 25cm wide and 3.5cm high. It is green with a "gold" boarder and covered with small birds, butterflies and flowers. It is green on the underside upto the base which is white. There is a square blue mark on the base of which I have been unable to find any info.
Please can anyone tell me more about it and what, if any, possible value it may have.
Many thanks

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reference price of plate
by: shelley

I have four plates like this. I bought them in a French brocante (flea market) for about 60 euros a piece but on eBay, some are priced at 150 to 250£. I think these plates, although pretty, are not rare as I see them quite often on eBay,

celadon plate
by: peter

This is a celadon plate with fencai floral/insect/bird decoration. It has a Jiaqing mark. Should be Qing dynasty Jiaqing reign, mark and period.

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