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Large Porcelian Vase - Hand Painted 4 Characters Mark

by Georgi

The vase is pretty big, about 20" tall. Features raised enamel hand painted decoration.
Would like to know about the mark, age, reproduction etc...
The antique dealer want $500 for it so I am not sure if it's worth buying it. To me it looks very finely made but this does not mean that is old and has big value.
thanks in advance!

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by: peter

The shape is about the only that is right.

There is a myriad of ways marks can be made. But only a few for imperial ones, but not this way for Daoguang. A raised mark means it is added on top of the glaze and could be added later.

by: Georgi

Thanks a lot, Peter. You saved me $500. I almost bought it. I think I will never learn which is antique and which is not. I thought the dark bottom means some age but then I've seen pictures online of true antiques with perfectly clean bottoms. Then, when i compare the decoration to some other i've seen this one looks very fine and well made but i guess nowadays everything is possible.
By the way, i cannot find antique vase having this shape. That was one of mine doubts. Is there 18th century or older vases with similar sizes and shapes?
From the little i know hand painted red mark on raised enamel decorated pieced could mean an imperial piece but i guess in this case the mark is just made up.
Sorry for the long post and i really appreciate your help. I am learning every day from you.

by: peter

Forget about the mark, that is apocryphal. Daoguang marks aren't looking that way, normally.

Then, the decoration seems to be handpainted, but I bet it is not more than 30 years old. Actually, it could be less, not even 20th century.
Apparently, the decoration is a mix. Looks like some decoration from the Qing dynasty and that of export porcelain was concurrently used. The realistic style of the peacock is certainly from more recent times.
500? if that is USD, you can get a real nice antique from the Qing dynasty, if you know which sellers offer the real thing.

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