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pair of jars with lids

by Shelley

They look like export porcelain but not sure if it is really Kangxi period. Please advise. Thank you.

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lidded jar
by: peter

I feel doubtful about this, mainly because of the white glaze on the bottom and the painting style, which in my view isn't up to Kangxi porcelain.
This is meant to be export porcelain.
It should be easy to find information on such items. Kangxi would paint people in a different way, and the ladies would be thin and tall, not that plump.
If you are in Europe, you should be able to get authentic export porcelain more easily.
Actually, I recommend to start with export porcelain and only then go over to other Chinese porcelain¸ because their are (1) less fakes and (2) they are generally of better quality than the domestic Chinese porcelain of those times (except imperial ware ,of course). :-)

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