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Chinese plate ID?

by Jeff Walker

Hi, I was sold this small (7 1/2" diameter) plate by a young man on the beach near Anyer, West Java, on the Sunda Strait. He said it came from a Chinese wreck, and was old. I have lived abroad long enough to know that such stories do not mean much apart from entertainment value, but I liked the plate and paid him not very much for it. Would you be willing to tell me what you can about it? Joe O'Brien already gave his opinion, but he did not say much and I hate to bother him again. Many thanks, Jeff Walker

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by: peter

He sure did tell you that it is an Indonesian contemporary fake. If he didn't, then I tell you is easy to detect. Low quality fake.
The people painting that knew little about Chinese porcelain painting styles.
You are right doubting this, even in Indonesia the genuine wares are hardly hawked liked that. While there are still occasionally genuine ones found, Indonesia is a thriving faking hub.

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