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Is this authentic?

by Jeff
(Oki, NC)

Looking for someone that can let me know if this is authentic Xing dynasty ginger jar, reproduction or fake.

Anyone that may have an idea, please feel free to email me and i can send additional pictures to you. Also looking for an auction that would help as well if someone can offer some advice.

many thanks.

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by: peter

Thanks for the additional pictures. The realistic and detailed style of painting of the people, crane, and the western style of painting eyes has confirmed that this is more recent. Possibly made in the last few decades. The mark shows signs of transfer printing.

link for full pics
by: Jeff

This will take you to a photobucket library with better resolution pics.

I would be interested in your feedback.

Maybe this helps.


lidded jar
by: peter

The pictures are a bit too small to see details clearly. But honestly said, from these pictures it looks more like a more recent product. The foot rim is also not congruent with an antique.
If you would upload closeup, partial pictures showing the faces of the people clearly, and also one of the foot rim, further details may clarify whether it indeed is newer.

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