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White Blue Porcelain Plate

by Georgi

Any idea how old it is?

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blue and white plate
by: peter

Thanks for the additional pictures.
This seems to be partially or completely printed.
The bottom including foot rim shape, mark, decoration under the rim, and clobbered rim shape are not right for an antique Chinese item.

My view is that this is a factory product, possibly not made in China. The blue decoration does not look like the usual Chinese handpainted, traditional willow pattern decorations either. It could as well have been made in the west (Europe?).

more pics
by: Georgi

Here is a link with more pics. I took them before you ask for closeups so if you need more just tell

plate blue white
by: peter

It looks like 18th century export porcelain, but I would need several closeup, pictures of the decoration. (E.g., three or four places of the top decoration, including the water, rim decoration, etc.; close-ups. of the mark, the rim decoration and the foot rim.)
The unusual features might mean it could be a later copy or printed version.

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