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Blue & White Marked Brush Box

by Georgi

The mark looks a bit like Qianlong Period but want to double check. The bottom shows wear and rust. Any idea what circa is the piece?

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by: peter

Yes, it appears printed. The lines of hand painted and printed decorations look different. Often the latter have intermittent breaks which brush strokes would not have.

by: Georgi

I have no idea how to tell if it s print or not. It is under the glaze so I keep looking at it but don't know what are the signs.
Have more pics here:

by: peter

No, not that old. The pictures don't show the decoration close enough, but it could even be printed; at least many of this type are... the mark gives also that impression.

by: Georgi

Thanks Peter. I thought it is at least early 1900's? Its too much rust on the bottom, is it possible to get there for only few decades?

porcelain box
by: peter

The hue of the blue color and whiteness of the glaze mean it is 20th century. The mark is a spurious Qianlong mark, for decoration only.
This cannot be older than two or three decades, rather less.

by: peter

Can you re-upload pictures or post a link to them?
For some reason the server does not display them.
Server support is looking into the problem.

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