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Dating and Determining Origin of Oriental Urn

by Gabrielle
(Idaho, USA)



Several pieces of china and other artifacts have been passed down in our family for many generations. This particular piece was imported via a relative who spent some time in Asia during the 1800s. It's slightly damaged and was (not expertly) repaired at some point. We've not been able to determine its origin or the approximate date it might have been made, or its possible value. Can you help us identify & perhaps date it?

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Thank you Stan & Peter
by: Gabrielle

Peter, thank you for posting my question and taking a look.
Stan, your comments are a good starting point to more research and determining the urn's worth. I'm not so sure I want to sell it, since it's been in our family for quite some time and it's not in premium condition. Many thanks in any case.

japanese incense burner or censer
by: stan

I belive that this is Meiji period, Kinkozan Satsuma and dates 1890 , I have similar pieces. very nice porcelain, and very collectable, If you ever want to sell it peter can give you my email address thanks for posting.

lidded jar
by: peter

This is possbily Japanese. Cannot tell the age.

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