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Glazed greyish vessel

by Balagopal
(Kerala India)

Peter, I have one more item for your expert opinion .It is 17.5cm high and 7.5cm across mouth and base.Material is thick (almost 1cm) greyish white with greenish tinge ,has glaze ,no marks which I could make out ,upper half smoother and deliniated from lower by a line.Can you comment on the material and period and origin of the vessel.Source and history is the same as the previous item.Thank you once again for your help

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by: peter

You will see many variations of this item here:
In Taiwan this is called an Anping jar, simply because it was excavated first in the Anping area. That is the place where the Dutch had their fort and other fortifications.
This is a Ming dynasty jar. It has other names in China. It is a storage jar, and the the Dutch used large quantities of these on their ships for storing/transporting things. That is how considerable quantities of these jars came to Taiwan. The jars were made in a kiln in Fujian, the Chinese province in China that lies on the other side of the Taiwan Straits.

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