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Is this correct decoration for ming period. Piece

by Allan

Is this correct. Of style correct. Mark correct. But not decoration

Thanks love to know your opinion

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by: peter

Please be aware:
A copy is a copy; a fake is a copy that tries to look like an antique. An old fake is also a fake, whether old or not. To my knowledge Ming marks were not used on early 20th century Chinese fakes, the Chenghua mark is the only exception. You asked whether this is Ming - it is not.

The foot rim shows clearly signs of age faking. The colors look like chemical pigment. They should be mineral if genuine. The bottom is too white, and Wanli reign marks do not usually appear on fakes of the early 20th century. In my view early 20th century fakes are usually better.
Just my personal opinion.

Famous auction house
by: Allan

I was told by famous auction house. Early 20th century. Around 100 -115 years old Same as other one

They told me not fake. ,but not ming not period. Early 20th century copy as with other . Early. Republics About 90-100 years old

by: peter

Very low quality. Not even good enough for calling it a fake, much less being Ming.

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