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by Elizabeth

The item that I am posting here I picked up at a thrift store.
I am 99.99 percent sure that is not an antique but perhaps from the mid 20th century. I found the same item on ebay. The reason it is being posted is more of a conversation starter. I am not really looking for an opinion on this so much as information on celadon in general. Most people think of celadon as being a certain shade of green with a few variances. However I see that celadon does not actually refer to the color but the type of glaze. And that it could be white, brown, blue as well as blue and white porcelain. So for me... a amateur thrift store, estate sale hunter... how can I identify celadon it is not that popular shade of green?

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any pictures
by: Sal Kahil

could you please post some pictures of your item
thank you

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