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chinese red mark

by Simonne


could anyone help me to identify this mark, please? I am going to buy this rose family vase, the vendor allowed me to take only this photo and the price is quite high.
Could be a real Tongzi, or an apocryphal mark?
Thank you in advance for any suggestion.

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thank you
by: Simonne

Thank you Peter, I have myself had doubts regarding the autenticity of the vase, I have not seen yet a hexagonal vase with this type of red mark.

I appreciate very much all your efforts.

by: peter

Marks in red on an unglazed bottom are always spurious, and the items having them are usually modern fakes. Even if this is a Tongzhi mark, there are no Tongzhi marks written in this manner and with such characters on antique items.
I wouldn't buy.

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