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Celadon bowl from old chinese trading port. Real or Fake?

by Andrew
(Perth, Australia)

Bowl top

Bowl top


I'm hoping you can help. I purchased this plate (impulse buy!) from a friend in a remote part of indonesia. The islands are steeped in history and used to be a major trading port for the chinese, dutch, english and portuguese.

I fell in love with a number of different bowls, but decided on this one.

I'm now home in Perth, and I'm struggling to find any information about it. There are a number of antique valuers around, but none specialising in oriental ceramics.

Could you shed any light on the authenticity, age, history and quality of the item?

I'd be eternally grateful!


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by: peter

Hi, this looks brand new, I'm afraid. The decoration gives the impression as if Song dynasty plates were copied, but the glaze and foot rim are not right for the period. Is the rim round? Don't buy items with round rims. Except with Dehua items almost no Chinese porcelain items up to the late Qing dynasty had round rims.
Be careful, there are too many fakes made and sold in Indonesia. From people who lived there a long time I hear that twenty years ago it was still easy to get genuine items, but now it seems not that easy anymore.

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