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chenghua small plate

by joe

Dear sir,
I own a small Chinese plate about 8 com diameter and the foot ring approximately 4 cm carry a seal of chenghua dynasty, inner side has a circled 4 leafs with painted border, outside part has 4 chinese symbols and 4 views for the same bird with flower, would you kindly please comment about it? Value too if possible?
Truly yours.

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by: Tim

Hi, Joe,

Your bowl is Japanese Imari made at the Arita kilns. It bears
a Chenghua mark but many Japanese wares have Chinese
marks. I believe Chenghua marks on Japanese porcelain
first appeared in the 18th century but more extensively
during the mid-19th century.

by: peter

The Chenghua mark is apocryphal. From what I can see of this bowl, this could be Japanese, but not completely sure, as only the bottom is visible.
The Chinese Chenghua mark was frequently copied on Japanese porcelain.
The color combination used on this bowl is not Chinese in any way, I'm afraid.

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