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Possible Oshima Vase?

by Michael

Hello, I was directed here from the fine folks at the Asian Art Forum.

My mother had this jar given to her around 40 years ago from her grandfather. She knows little about it and I am trying to gather as much info as I can.

I have been able to determine (by local sushi house owner) that the first character means "Big" and the second means "Island" it was suggested that the third might be a "Oshima Sei" mark.

Can anyone confirm this? If you have any additional information (approximate age, popularity, rarity and of course any recent auctions of this work)I would be very appreciative.

Thank you,


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Japanese or chinese
by: stan

Your right Peter, after I posted i realized that possibly early republic the blue and red and the shape of the vase, and the writing, I have never seen this type, it looks like it has a real slang type of writing, I could be wrong but I have never seen in this fashion.

by: peter

Hi Stan,
No, I don't think these colors and decoration could possibly be late Qing. If it were Chinese it would be at least second half of 20th century.
With this specific item I'm not completely sure, though.
I only know that Japanese decorations looking like this do exist. I was surprised when I discovered that because all looked so Chinese.
BTW, don't you think if the Chinese wanted to copy a Japanese mark they would use it combined with a Japanese motif not a Chinese one?

chinese export
by: stan

This looks like Chinese export to Japan, the Chinese often put Japanese marks on the exports and visea versa Japans exports to China. The colors are the same as late qing, could this be?

by: peter

Yes, this is indeed an Ohshima-sei mark. Cannot tell the age of this, though. Maybe someone else can help...

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