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Chinese Pottery

by Sherri
(Ventura, CA)

In am trying to find the value of this pot that has been broken. Can anyone tell me if it is antique or not and give me an approximate value?

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Chinese Pottery
by: Sherri

My hope was to find out if this pot had any real value or was just a modern piece. I am trying to find the replacement value for it. Thanks!

Broken porcelain jardinière
by: Snap

Modern utilitarian pieces do not have a much collector 'value'.

The only items that would have appreciable monetary value when broken would be extremely rare items such as pieces from 1st-2nd reign Ming Dynasty, or Song Dynasty rarities such as Ruyao (a few dozen in the world).

Breakage or visible damage usually takes collector value to 1/10 or less of value of a similar piece in excellent condition.

by: peter

We cannot help with value, I'm afraid.
To evaluate age close-up pictures of the decoration and the foot would be required.

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