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Chinese vase

by John

Hello Peter,

Can you tell me something about this vase, of which period would this vase be.
the vase is marked at the bottom I think Kangxi, but this is probably a later period.
Perhaps you can help me.

I have better photos on photobucket.

Thank you John,

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by: Tim

20th century jar shape with decoration in the style of the type of painting with emperors and high officials commonly found on mid-19th century wares. Probably dates to the 1950s-60s.

by: peter

This is a fake imitating the style of certain late Qing dynasty items,
There is a spurious Kangxi mark, and the foot rim was darkened to make it look old.

In the text I found two simplified characters. Simplified characters were used from the 1960s.
These alone make it impossible that this is an authentic antique, I'm afraid.

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