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Large Blue and White Saucer

by Rudolf van Waard
(the Netherlands)

Hi Peter,

I'd appreciate your opinion on this large saucer, which i think, may be dating from the 17th century.
Could you please tell me more about age and reign? Thanks, Rudolf

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by: peter

Hi Rudolf,

This looks like a charger (large plate) to me. The backside looks fine for Chinese Kraak porcelain. I would need to view close-up pictures (partial, very close) to make sure of the colors and glaze. However, from the decoration in this relatively small picture I can see nothing that does not conform to Kraak.
Would be Ming dynasty, Wanli reign.

By the way, several museums in the Netherlands have Kraak porcelain collections. The Princessehof Museum in Leeuwarden, used to have a large collection of Kraak plates online, but I cannot find it anymore. If this is anywhere near you, you could look at real examples to compare.

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