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Tall blue and white. Porcelain piece

by Allan
(St catharines )

Hi peter this is an original blue and white piece from local estate. In 1920s Someone turned into lamp

Would you know what this would have been used for ? And could this piece be imperial porcelain
Is this 19th century or older
Soon i will take apart and see if bottom is marked Stand abut 28 inches tall

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Looks Dutch
by: Maria

It looks Dutch Delft earthenware

by: peter

Hi Allan,
The painting style is definitely not Chinese. If this really did exist in 1920, it would have been made elsewhere.
Despite the seemingly Chinese central motif it would have to be European, SE Asian or Japanese.
The shape is also a bit off the traditional Chinese shapes.

I could only be Chinese if it was recently made, copying foreign painting styles.

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