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chinese vase

by Shari Glynn
(Chicago, IL)

Hello, I purchased this vase at a high end resale shop. Can you tell me if its real and if so a little bit about it? Thank you so much

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by: Shari

Thanks for your comments and I totally appreciate them. I was not out much money at all, and truthfully will put it in the dumpster! I am a fan of art deco- why I purchased this....can't tell you. Thanks again!

disappointing purchase
by: ritzco

Often fakes have this orange soil on the bottom as if it has just been plucked from an ancient dig in china. I notice this is a frequent ploy.

Those arabesques at the bottom are not something found in old porcelain. After looking at thousands of pictures of antique porcelain you begin to get an idea of the motifs of the potters and this is not one.

There are circles at the top which are indicative of a lack of understanding of when the piece was make. These circles are found on the bottom pices and not on the top. Hopefully, you were not out too much money and can enjoy the blue and white vase for itself.


by: peter

A fantasy creation without any traditional basis and a spurious mark for decoration.

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