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Please Help Identify, Is this old?

by Brad

Chinese Longquan 8" Plate. any info on this piece would be helpful. age? etc.. thanks

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fake Longquan items
by: peter

You cannot depend on clay color alone for recognizing fakes. Many of the better fakes from China I have seen copy that too, nowadays.
By the way, the REAL clay color of Longquan is not this color, it turns this way only after firing.
The orange-red color is from an iron wash applied before firing, not from the clay. Any clay turnes orange-red after a wash.
Its color has nothing to do with this being fake or not. It would be wrong if it were not there, though.

by: Kenny

I was in Jakarta Museum for learning about Celadon, and in this case I think this is a real Ming Celadon because the clay color of the real celadon is "Yellow-red", Most of fake celadon, they close the bottom with Glace same as the top.

longquan plate
by: peter

Would need to do a hands-on inspection, but the glaze looks a bit too glossy in my view, for Longquan celadon.

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