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Help With Impressed Mark On Chinese Porcelain Buddha Statue

by Georgi

I found many similar ones in different sizes, details and paints. I am usually wrong but mine looks like well casted and decorated. I don't see a lot of age. It's about 12" tall. Posted on few other places about the mark but no replies. Any help with translating the stamp or at least approx. circa of the statue will be welcomed .
thanks in advance!

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by: Georgi

Thanks again for the remark. Probably that is not the right place to ask for value but would you advice if i should look for appraisal or its not worth it? I just want to have an idea if the piece is in the hundreds or thousands dollar range? Thanks

Georgi, I understand...but the price may vary widely according to place. See "Value of Antiques" in the menu. Here, in Taiwan this would be about USD100 maximum, but again, the market is different. In my view it is not worthwhile paying the price for a valuation. This is not an antique over 100 years old. Usually, high prices come with high demand. This is vintage at the most.

by: peter

First, Bill H. knows his stuff. I don't think that I could add anything to his answer. These things are difficult to date exactly even with the help of the Internet, that is for sure.

I have one thing, though, and that is of a linguistic nature.
The last three characters don't mean cooperative, at least not here. Copperative would be: 合作社.
工藝社 can mean a student organization or group at campus involved with "crafts". But it is used more often than not commercially for a crafts store or workshop.

mark deciphered
by: Georgi

[admin] The last picture seems to have appeared much later than the others. Anyway...

I just got a reply from asianart forum :

"The base-mark you show reads "Jingdezhen Municipal Fine Art Porcelain Handicrafts Cooperative" (Jing De Zhen Shi Mei Shu Tao Ci Gong Yi She - 景德鎮市美術陶瓷工藝社"

So, that is a good start but I'd like to find more about that Cooperative, what and when they produced etc..

Also, I am not sure if the statue has some significant value or not?

Any help with the further investigation will be welcomed!


buddha figurine
by: peter

I cannot see any marking, perhaps the pictures are too small. Are the two longitudinal impressions on the bottom containing characters? If so, could you upload a close-up of these (only) in an additional submission?
Agewise it is probably from the second half of the 20th century.

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