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Big plate

by salim

Hi Peter,
This plate look old to me. I may be wrong, so I need your opinion. And everybody opinion are gladly welcome. Thank you

More detail pictures :

Best wishes,

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Kraak style plate
by: peter

I have three problems with this plate.
1. The bird in the center is too detailed. Not liked the usual Kraak decorations I know.
2. The exterior rim doesn't seem to have any glaze fritting.
3. The bottom looks strange. There are apparent chatter marks, but the clay is exposed along the rim. All large Kraak plates I have seen until now (from the Ming dynasty) have the chatter marks fully covered, and have some kiln grit along the foot rim.

I have no knowledge with Kraak wares exported by the Portuguese, or those exported to SE Asia (Indonesia). They may be somewhat different.
Thus, I cannot be sure if this one is a good fake or if it is authentic, I'm afraid. I can only say that the above three points are different from what I know about Kraak wares.

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